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Title: Routines
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Hughes/Ed
Author: inugrlrayn Title by hikaru_9
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA or it's characters and all that jazz
Summary: Happy belated birthday to hikaru_9! Have some smut. In the same verse as Substitutions.

It had started as no more than something mutually advantageous. If Ed realized he was being used, he didn’t seem to care. He appeared more than happy to exchange his innocence for a few pleasurable moments away from the crushing weight of the world.

When he was alone, it was hard not to remember the first time, when Ed had been nerve wracked and lost and impossibly young, a balm to his own demons. Sometimes, he still was. To look at Edward now though, grinning and relaxed, and unabashedly naked, he wondered how he’d ever considered Ed to be a child. To people like him, like them, perhaps the rules simply did not apply.

He’d tried hard to keep this separate. It should have been easy to compartmentalize, devour Ed’s body in this room, care for him like part of his own family outside it. The lines began to blur, though, because nothing with Ed was ever just simple. Ed took what was offered blindly at first, not realizing there was anything more he could have. Perhaps he was just afraid to ask for something bigger. In fact, Ed seemed every bit as stunned as he was when lips pressed against his own, shaky and unsure. Ed yanked back as if burned, littering the air with apologies.

He couldn’t remember anymore, what he’d said to make Ed stay, but somehow it had turned out alright. Ed clung to this like a lifeline, because it was what they had. There was a part of him that still felt guilty when the young man, boy really, was gone, when it was given room to speak, and it wondered if he’d ruined Ed on ever finding a healthy relationship.

Ed was brilliant, even now, and Maes was sure that someday he would puzzle over the situation. Why would a happily married man do this, with his best friend’s underage subordinate no less? Ed would tear through it as he did everything else, leaving the world quaking in his shadow. Where would that leave him, when Ed reduced the situation to a simple case of manipulation? Only, it wasn’t, not anymore, and…

“Are you just going to stand there all night?” Ed’s voice broke his train of thought. Ed was smiling at him, something bordering on manic, but it was real for once.

“Of course not.”

“Then come here.”

However this ended, whenever Ed came to see this for what it was, at least he would die a happy man.

Lips on his, and Ed had gotten good at this, all clumsiness long since dumped by the wayside. He let out a small, choked moan as Ed’s tongue brushed across his lips, and there wasn’t time to catch his breath as he was pulled unceremoniously down. There was a smile pressing against his lips, and Ed ran mismatched hands down his sides, pulling at his hips. The hesitance of their first encounters was all but gone, both a blessing and a curse. Somehow, in the face of this, the need to have something innocent and unsure was hard to care about. Ed arched up and ground against him, sighing and flinging his head back in the sheets, impatient as ever. At least some things never changed.

He dragged his mouth down Edward’s exposed throat, kisses and nips at warm, golden skin. Ed sucked in a sharp breath, as he always did, sounding as if, after all these months, the feel of it was still a surprise. There was some small part of him that shrieked in fury that he knew that sound, that he’d heard it so many times. That part of him was getting easier and easier to ignore in the onslaught of steel fingers combing through his hair, and a small, lithe body pressing up against his front.

He let his lips linger, for the briefest of moments at the divot of Ed’s throat. Ed squirmed and growled beneath him, head tilted back against the pillows. He was always in such a hurry, but it was worth listening to his wordless complaints, and the not so wordless ones.

“Stop fucking around and just…” Ed grated, the last of his words lost in a low moan as Maes mouthed at a nipple, flicking it with the tip of his tongue.

“You like it,” he teased, and Ed glared for a moment before he was lost to the world once more, unraveling in the onslaught of lips and tongue brushing down his stomach.

He paused at Ed’s waist, ignoring the irritated murmur at the head of the bed. Ed was quite well built considering his age, but still not entirely filled out yet, and for the briefest of moments, he felt guilty as he nipped at the hollows of too slender hips.

Ed snorted and wiggled, though Maes wasn’t sure if it was because he was tired of waiting or if he was just ticklish there. A hand made its way to the top of his head, and for all his usual verbosity, Ed never could seem to just say what he wanted. His other cues more than made up for his peculiar loss for words, though, fingers that dragged at his scalp, and soft, plaintive sighs that spattered the silence between them.

He fought the urge to roll his eyes when Ed’s fingers tightened in his hair. Ed’s thighs slid further apart as he shifted, and he nipped teasingly at one, ignoring the halfhearted glare he received for his efforts.

Finally, he gave in. He dropped one last kiss over Ed’s leg, and before any complaint could be forthcoming, he moved again. Maes dragged his tongue along Ed’s length from base to tip, reveling in the pleased shudder, the surprised half shout it elicited.

He lapped lazily at Ed’s cock at first, tracing the vein along its underside with his tongue, pausing to dip slightly into the slit. A glance upward, and Ed looked like he was trying to be irritated, but it wasn’t quite working out for him. Instead, he appeared a little bit wilted, drifting surely away from his usual coherence.

When he finally relented, swallowing Ed whole in one smooth slide of solid flesh against the roof of his mouth, it was accompanied by a quivering moan, that he might have mistaken for pain if not for the blissful expression Ed wore. He allowed himself a smile and bobbed his head to the melody of curses and pleas Ed granted him for his efforts.

It was easy, and it should not be easy, not like this. One slicked finger, and Ed’s body did not even seem to resist. Was it really such regular thing? Ed, for his part, seemed untroubled by guilt or shame at the moment, rocking his hips in stilted motions, as if he couldn’t decide whether he preferred Maes’ mouth on his cock or the finger sliding in and out of him.

A second joined it, and Ed blew a sharp breath out his nose, but otherwise did not react immediately. He pressed and stroked with them, and swore, even from here, he could see Ed’s lip tremble at the sensation. The guilty part of his conscience seemed appeased that at least this was new enough that it still affected Ed a great deal. It wasn’t much of a crutch to lean on, but that part of his mind would take what it could get before it was drowned out in a litany of Oh fuck and please, please, please, that quickly seeped into the realm of unintelligible.

Ed was intoxicating to listen to, too far past embarrassed to even notice his words, it seemed. He wanted, and Ed wanted, so who was he to deny it. He did his best not to grin and the disappointed whimper when he released Ed’s cock from his lips and then slid his fingers away as well. Ed said nothing, though, only watching with heavy lidded eyes as he slicked himself and lifted Ed’s automail knee over his shoulder. At least that way he was less likely to be kicked in a moment of passion.

One forward push and he was sinking, drowning in heat. Ed’s hands scrabbled for him, finally coming to rest in the sheets instead, and the young man’s eyes slid shut, shielding twin pools of gold from the world.

The last of his resolve was crumbling. His every nerve strained, beckoning him to move, but he waited with a feigned sort of patience for Ed to nod that he was okay. Finally, Edward tilted his head, a hint of a smile on his lips that promised wicked things.

They were moving then. He noticed, very distantly, the way Ed’s fingers grasped at the blankets, tightening and loosening in time with his thrusts. Mismatched palms slid across the sheets, and he couldn’t help noting the color rising on Ed’s cheeks, above the flush exertion wrought upon them. Still, Ed offered a shaky, nearly flirtatious smile before he closed the distance between his flesh hand and his cock, fisting it jerkily before he lost his nerve.

No right, he had no right to watch this, but no one could possibly condemn him for appreciating the picture Ed made in front of him. Ed stroked himself, panting and arching off the mattress, his lips moving, though nothing coherent was forthcoming. Suddenly his eyes flew wide, and even after all this time, Ed still seemed utterly shocked by the culmination of it all.

Perhaps what should make him feel the most guilty was the fact that it was the surprised, innocent, impossibly young look on Ed’s face, wide golden eyes and red parted lips that tipped him over the edge. He was too far gone to care, and he came with a pleased murmur of Ed’s name.

They lay there for long, breathless moments, and his conscience began to chip at the silence. This wasn’t right. It wasn’t fair to Ed, to string him along on half of a whole he could never have. It was cruel to Gracia, to lie to her about what he was. In the end, though, he risked a glance in Ed’s direction, and was met with a sated, lopsided grin. Somehow, he forgot to feel badly after that.

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  • Take Two

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