Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

By Sunrise

Title: By Sunrise
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Ed/Ed
Author: inugrlrayn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA or it's characters and all that jazz
Summary: Sorry guys. I've not written anything postable lately, because I've been eaten by NaNoWriMo. Actually, this is part of my NaNo fic... theoretically. I've not decided if it'll actually make it into the story or not, though. Anyway, until I finish Dirge of the Fallen, here, have some shameless smut. There's no editing on it because I am honoring the OMG PRODUCTIVITY theory of NaNo. XD Also because I am too tired to reread it right now.

Mismatched hands slid up and down his spine, pulling on him until he was flush against Edward, nose buried against his double’s throat. Human fingers carded soothingly through his hair, doing nothing to prod him into wakefulness. Sighing softly, he nuzzled closer, willing the bright morning light that shone through the windows to leave him be for just a little longer.

Smooth, flat palms were traded for nails against his bare back, scratching gently, sending the first stirrings of sparks through his body. Edward murmured something incoherent, tipping his head back, exposing the veins of his neck a little more. Ed was vaguely aware of heat and skin pressed against him and rocked idly, nipping haphazardly at the flesh against his mouth.

Edward moaned, low and only half aware of himself, pressing against Ed in earnest. His automail hand drifted along Ed’s side, over his hip, and back to cup his alter’s ass through thin, cotton boxers. Ed’s breath hitched, and he reached out, burying his hands in Edward’s hair, not bothering to open his eyes.

Ed was loathe to relinquish his hold on sleep. Six months and he still hadn’t gotten over the oddity of opening his eyes, only to be met by a gaze identical to his own. Strands of gold tickled his nose, and Ed batted them away, eyes flickering open to thin slits as he tried to decipher whether it was his or Edward’s.

In the end, it didn’t matter. Edward shifted against him, head tilted to scrape teeth and tongue against Ed’s throat, and all thoughts of slumber were discarded. Ed murmured encouragement as lips swept over his skin, scattering kisses down his neck and bare chest. Edward hmmed sleepily in response, rocking their hips together, tilting his head up for a slow, lazy kiss.

They were getting better at this kissing business, Ed decided. He parted his lips and Edward tongue slid between them, flicking against the roof of his mouth. Ed growled, pressing back, unwilling to be undone. He chased Edward’s tongue with his own, growling against his alter’s lips. Ed slid his hands between them, splayed across Edward’s chest, halfheartedly trying to flip him onto his back. It wasn’t that he had any real desire to be dominant, but the upside of their relationship was that he always knew what buttons to push to get exactly the response he wanted.

And… there it was, Edward’s eyes snapped open the rest of the way, and he arched against Ed, drawing his lips away from his alter’s mouth in favor of attacking his neck in sharp nips and sloppy, open mouthed kisses. Edward leaned against Ed in earnest, toppling them back against the mattress, his body a familiar press across Ed’s chest and hips.

Ed grinned, tilting his head back into the pillows, arching his hips to press a boxer clad erection against Edward. His double groaned in encouragement, lost to the world in a fit of possessiveness. He sucked hard at Ed’s throat, his weight warm and heavy, pressing Ed roughly against the mattress. Hands slid up his arms, shoving them up towards the head of the bed, and he was pinned, if not completely helpless against the onslaught that was Edward.

Edward’s flesh hand slipped frantically down Ed’s body, tracing muscle and curves with an adeptness borne of months of experience. Ed shuddered, ripping his arms from Edward’s trip to scrabble at his double’s back, nails scraping roughly at tender flesh. Edward hissed and seemed to double his efforts, as if this contact, this almost violence, were the catalyst in some grand explosion.

The world beyond melted away in a litany of tempestuous kisses and bites scattered across Ed’s chest. He hardly noticed as their boxers were pulled away, only groaning as Edward’s bare hip slid against his thigh. Edward’s human hand slid between them, wasting no time in sliding over his cock. In his distraction, Ed didn’t notice what was happening until Edward had situated himself quite solidly on top of Ed’s thighs, leaning down to whisper wickedly against his ear.

“Got you.” There was laughter in the words, playful and husky, tongue skating against Ed’s ear.

Ed’s eyes narrowed. He wasn’t going down that easily. He thrust against Edward’s hand, biting his lip against a whimper, but it worked anyway, and Edward relaxed a fraction at what he took to be acquiescence. It wasn’t much, but perhaps enough, and Ed arched, surging forward to roll them over.

Edward moved with him, continuing their sideways motion until he was on top again. Ed might have fought it another time, but there were hands sliding down his sides, settling at his hips, and Edward kissed him, hard and demanding, tugging their bodies together in arrhythmic motion.

Ed gasped at the sensation, coherent thought lost in soft, pliant lips on his own, and automail digging unyieldingly into his hip. Edward leaned up, digging blindly through the bed side drawer, and made a choked, pleading sound against Ed’s mouth.

It was a familiar dance, another Ed was sure they were improving at. He sank against the sheets as Edward slid a slick hand down his front, fingertips ghosting over his belly, teasingly stroking his cock before drifting further back. His breath caught as one, then two fingers slid inside of him, scarcely sheathed before they were being spread apart. It stung very faintly, even now, but the sensation was washed away in waves of pleasure as Edward bent his fingers, searching and stroking until Ed was a whimpering mess.

“Oh fuck,” Ed grated out, thrusting mindlessly back against Edward’s fingers. Steel fingers urged his thighs apart, and he spread them shamelessly, panting as Edward dipped his head to lap at the hollow of his hip, down along the insides of his thighs.

Then, Edward’s fingers were gone, and it was too soon, or not soon enough, perhaps. Ed wriggled on the bed, hooking his legs around Edward’s waist to draw him closer. There was a brief moment of shoving and cursing as they worked out logistics, finally solving whatever the dilemma happened to be with feral kisses. There was a long, slow, burn, eliciting a low whimper, but it was barely audible, swallowed by desperate murmurs of lips and teeth and tongues.

Edward forced himself to stay still, eyes squeezed shut with the effort of it. Ed sucked in a sharp, stilted breath, forcing his body to relax. He said nothing when Edward’s head drifted to his shoulder, forehead pillowed against his collarbone. Finally, he nodded faintly, and was rewarded with soft, affectionate kisses to his throat as Edward pulled out, only to rock forward again.

They were definitely getting better at this, because the burning sensation that made Ed feel like he was being torn open from the inside out was already gone, replaced by something far more enticing. Edward bucked against him, frantic and shaking, and already he was teetering on edge.

Edward’s still slick hand slid awkwardly between them, pulling tight around his cock. He stroked once, twice, and something snapped, electric heat coursing down through Ed’s belly. He came with a low, wordless wail, even now unable to say his lover’s name. His head spun, felt like it was stuffed with cotton, and he almost didn’t notice the way Edward muffled his own cries with teeth against Ed’s shoulder.

They sank together, boneless against the sheets, still coiled in each other’s arms. A glance at the clock promised a few more hours before they really had to relinquish the calm this wrought. Ed let himself drift into a comfortable, quiet daze on the thought that it was good he’d never discovered this before. It was quickly becoming some sort of marvelous addiction.

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