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Dirge of the Fallen - Part 13

Title: Dirge of the Fallen - part 13 (Rough draft)
Pairing: Ed/Ed
Rating: NC-17

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Alright, it would seem that they're making up for lost time here... Don't get too used to all the smut though. It'll probably be a much rarer occurrence after this chapter.

Ed couldn't remember a night he'd slept that well. Months on the run had taken their toll on his body, and the time he'd spent in this world so far hadn't been much easier on him. His eyes flickered open and then closed without really taking in his surroundings, and he stretched out, back arching, sheets sliding against bare skin.

That last bit startled him. Ed didn't exactly make a habit of sleeping naked, after all. There was a soft murmur from the other side of the bed, and Edward shifted, burying his nose against Ed's back. Warm fingers slid idly up and down Ed's belly before settling at his hip, tugging him closer to Edward.

Once he'd come to terms with the fact that he was in someone else's bed sans clothes… and so were they, for that matter, he was rather pleasantly surprised. Despite the fact that Edward was pressed flush against him from shoulders to hips, legs entangled with his own, it was decidedly less awkward waking up with his double this time.

He considered getting up, a little anxious about the possibility of Al discovering him here. When he tried to worm himself free of Edward's grasp, though, his alter only tightened his fingers around Ed's hip, muttering something that sounded like it might have been a complaint about his squirming.

Ed shook his head, relaxing against Edward. He resigned himself to the fact that his double seemed determined to cuddle him to death. If he hadn't still been residually embarrassed about their state of dress, the fact that Edward was grumbling about it like it was some sort of obligation would have made him laugh.

"So, what now?" he asked softly, once Edward had stopped grumping in favor of nuzzling his face into the back of Ed's neck.

"What're you talkin' about?" Edward mumbled, his voice muffled by Ed's hair.

"I… us I guess. What does this mean?" Ed swallowed hard. They were decidedly similar, but it didn't mean they were on the same page about everything. It would be just his luck if this was one of those things.

"Umm?" Edward squeaked out in lieu of an answer.

"I mean… I just… I understand if it didn't mean anything," Ed finally blurted, bracing himself for Edward's response.

Edward, for his part, snorted, lifting his head to lean over. His brows furrowed like he was deciding whether or not to throttle Ed. "Are you that stupid? Really?"

"Hey! Who're you calling stupid?" Ed scowled, rolling over to push Edward off of him.

"Well, what the hell kind of question is that? You of all people should know better. Why the fuck would I have had… err… done that if it didn't mean something?" Edward sat up, looking rather like an angry dandelion. His hair was loose, fluffed in all directions from sleep and wayward fingers, making the frown plastered on his lips rather less intimidating.

Ed forgot his own fears, clasping a palm over his mouth to stifle the laughter that threatened as he stared at his double. Edward caught the amused wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, though, and launched himself at Ed.

"The hell are you laughing at?" Edward growled, nose inches from Ed's, his hair falling around them in a frizzy golden veil.

"You look like you got hit by lightning," Ed teased, reaching up to smooth his double's hair a bit. Edward stared dubiously at Ed's wrist from the corner of his eye. Ed realized then that there was something terribly intimate about that sort of display of affection and jerked his hand away, cheeks coloring with embarrassment. There was a shake of the head above him, and Edward snorted but said nothing.

Ed watched his double's jaw work for a moment before Edward leaned down, pressing a tentative kiss over his lips. It was far more chaste than those from the night before, less of an offer and more of a statement. Strange, Ed thought, how much one could communicate through such a wordless thing. He stared in amazement when Edward pulled away, considering the events of the last day. It occurred to him that what they'd done… he could do that now, any time he wanted. Well, not any time. After all, at work they were "cousins" and to everyone who knew what he was, they were something else entirely, and he didn't imagine the whole situation was terribly acceptable to society at large.

Still, here, when they were alone, he didn't have to sit and wonder and hope he didn't do anything stupid any longer. He'd leave eventually, a thought that made his chest hurt more than he really thought it should, but at least in the meantime he wouldn't be so damnably lonely.

Edward drew in a sharp, surprised breath when Ed wrapped his arms around him, landing them in a pile. Ed tilted his head forward, nipping playfully at Edward's lips, not because he actually wanted anything, but just because he could. Edward seemed to take it as a challenge, responding in kind, and somewhere along the way, there were lips sliding against each other, and Ed's tongue slid wetly into Edward's mouth, and they were kissing again. It was still unpracticed and messy, though less so than the day before, but neither of them knew any better and contented themselves quite nicely with what they had.

Ed hadn't actually intended anything when he'd begun, but then Edward's lips were trailing down his throat, and they were already naked, after all. There was a bit of a scuffle, resulting in Edward being flopped down against the mattress, blinking up at Ed. Ed’s hands strayed, far less rushed than the night before. He pressed his palms curiously against Edward’s chest, over his shoulders, down mismatched arms.

It was a strange thing, feeling someone else’s skin beneath his fingers. There were soft clinks and scraping of metal on metal, mostly pressure rather than real sensation, but he felt off balance only focusing on one side. Edward’s human arm was smooth and bronzed, surprisingly devoid of scars in the face of all he’d been through.

Ed’s fingers wrapped around Edward’s wrist, lifting his double’s hand in front of his face. He wasn’t sure what possessed him to do it, really, perhaps just the simple need to understand everything he was confronted with. He brought Edward’s fingers to his lips, tongue darting out to flick over one of them. It tasted faintly of salt, but nothing terribly bad, and so he did it again. Edward squeaked in surprise, eyes widening, his gaze helplessly glued to Ed’s mouth. The reaction was encouraging, and Ed grinned, drawing the tip of the digit into his mouth.

Edward choked on his breath, squirming between Ed and the mattress, his eyes wide golden saucers. Ed wrapped his tongue around the finger, sucking harder, enthralled by the effect it had on his double. A faint scrape of teeth dragged a pleased rumble from Edward that Ed felt as much as heard. It coursed down his spine, pooling in his groin, and he released Edward’s hand in favor of leaning down, crashing their lips together in an unpracticed kiss.

Edward arched up against him, rocking their hips together, and it was a struggle not to be entirely overcome by the sensation. Ed hissed and nipped at the column of Edward’s throat, distracting himself from his body’s own insistence by wreaking havoc on Edward’s instead. Little by little he began to learn, hoping he’d remember everything for next time, still amazed that there would be a next time. Barely there, fluttered kisses along Edward’s collarbone produced a soft sigh, sounding more relaxed than turned on. Damp lips pressing along the edge of the automail port, just shy of the scar tissue wrought out something of a whimper. His tongue pressed against a nipple, and Edward cursed, a soft tremor running the length of his body.

That was rather new, and Ed did it again, wondering if the reaction had been a fluke. He watched with interest as Edward bit his lip, trying unsuccessfully to ward off a low moan. His hands clenched and unclenched in the sheets.

Reluctantly, Ed moved on, blushing slightly when he noticed Edward had tilted his head upward in an effort to see what he was doing. Ed noted with disappointment that nipping at Edward’s belly mostly had the wrong sort of reaction as Edward snorted with nervous laughter. He continued downward, hesitating when he reached his alter’s hips.

One didn’t spend as much time as he had around the military without hearing a thing or two. From that standpoint, this seemed like a fairly ideal place to be, for Edward anyway. Still, Ed wasn’t entirely certain he had any interest in putting that in his mouth. He pressed his tongue to the hollows of Edward’s hips, stalling for time. Edward panted as he inched closer, firming his resolve bit by bit. Finally, Ed gave, squeezing his eyes shut, dragging his tongue from base to tip.

“Fuck,” Edward half shouted, his body coiling in on itself in elated surprise. Ed jerked back, suddenly afraid he was going to get bonked in the nose. Edward looked at him through lust glazed eyes, struggling to catch his breath.

“You… you just…” Edward licked his lips, searching for words.

Ed grinned and did it again. Deciding that it wasn’t really much worse than the taste of Ed’s finger in his mouth, he pressed his lips over the head. Precum leaked against his tongue, and for a minute he thought about forgetting the whole thing, crinkling his nose in distaste. Edward was moaning, shaking with the effort not to thrust his hips, and Ed’s ego won out over his taste buds. He sighed through his nose, pulling Edward in as far as he could manage.

Ed gagged slightly when Edward’s cock hit the back of his throat, wondering how people did that voluntarily, or why for that matter. He pressed Edward to the roof of his mouth in an effort not to repeat the experience. Regardless of the reason, the friction against the ridges at the roof of his mouth made Edward shiver and whine, and Ed noted the reaction with interest.

Ed fell into a shaky rhythm, head bobbing as he let Edward slide mostly from his mouth and pulled him in again. Trembling human fingers found their way to the back of his head, threading through his hair in time with a litany of desperate murmurs.

“Oh oh fuck,” Edward chanted, tipping his head to the side to bury his face in the pillows. His hips jerked until Ed curled his fingers around them, forcing his double against the mattress. There was a choked sob, and something that might have been a warning, or just a wordless noise somewhere between a moan and a scream. It didn’t matter that Ed had pinned Edward’s hips firmly to the bed. He was choking anyway, bitter liquid splattering the back of his throat.

Ed spluttered, swallowing on instinct, and grimaced at the taste. He glared at Edward, but the look was lost on his double, who had collapsed into a boneless pile of Ed shaped goo, face completely placid in apparent bliss.

“Fuck, would you warn me next time?” Ed grumbled, working his tongue against the roof of his mouth in an effort to get rid of the bitter taste in his mouth.

“S’rry, tried to,” came the slurred reply, all Edward could manage in his current state. Ed looked at his double, having a hard time staying angry in light of the way Edward had reacted to him. It was sort of gratifying to his ego to see Edward splayed across the sheets, oblivious to the world in the afterglow.

Gratifying to his ego, however, was not gratifying to his body, and he was pretty sure he was already finding a downside to this setup. While Edward was slumped back in bliss, he was still painfully hard. The thought of just jerking himself off flitted across his mind, but somehow now that Edward was not in the same state he was, it just seemed embarrassing. He growled in frustration, unsure of what else he was meant to do.

“You okay?” Even as he was speaking the words, realization seemed to seep across Edward’s face. Ed just looked at him, eyebrows furrowed in effort not to flip out. Of course he wasn’t okay.

“Sorry, couldn’t help it,” Edward apologized, scrubbing a hand over his face in an attempt to lure some of his coherence back. He rolled up on his side, contentedly nuzzling at Ed’s shoulder.

Ed growled, and was just considering getting up and finding somewhere more private when he felt it. Edward’s hand skimmed his belly, hesitating for a moment before wrapping around his length. From a purely textbook point of view, it felt exactly the same as his own hand. Still, it was entirely different, the sensation making him arch up off the mattress.

“That… thing you did felt amazing,” Edward purred in his ear, and Ed was too lost in feeling to notice the crimson blush on his doppelganger’s face as the words left his lips.

All was forgiven in light of lips and tongue trailing down his front, somewhat of an imitation of his earlier behavior. Edward’s hand steadily slid up and down his length. Fire crackled and popped through his nerves, down his spine, splayed across his hips. He swore he could feel the nearly imperceptible shift as his body regained the franticness it had displayed the night before.

His legs felt like jelly, quivering as Edward settled between them. There was a brief moment when Edward’s hand left him and he whined at the loss of contact. A soft shushing noise met his ears, and he might have looked up, but Edward’s lips were pressed over the head of his cock, and in one smooth motion he was swallowed whole.

The torment of withholding his own wants earlier, combined with the damp heat of Edward’s mouth over him, had Ed teetering on the edge of relief almost instantly. He shuddered and groaned, astonished by the fact that something that sounded so strange could feel quite as amazing as this did.

Teeth scraped ever so faintly over him, and that was the end of it. Light bloomed behind his eyelids, and he came on a stuttered cry, shuddering as his hips jerked once, twice, and sank back into the mattress.

The world was far away, and he barely heard Edward over the beat of his own heart mumbling something about them being even. All that registered was warmth as his double grumpily snuggled against him, too relaxed to bother getting up just yet. Despite the strangeness of their situation, Ed found himself believing that he really could get used to it.


Despite Edward's insistence that what was between them indeed meant something, not much changed. The rest of Edward's research team still mysteriously disappeared when they argued, apparently unwilling to weather the store that was not one, but two Elrics flailing and yelling and occasionally coming to blows.

When they managed to be in each other's company without fighting, their companionship came easily. They were hardly more affectionate with each other than they had been before, rarely feeling the need to touch. It seemed enough for them that they could without fear of repercussion, and that they'd found someone who occasionally made them want to.

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