Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

Nabbed from timbean

The Sex Meme. Answer all these questions 100% truthfully and see who has the guts to repost it.

Mostly, this is posted to prove I did indeed have the guts to do it.

1. Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with?
A few if I weren’t, you know, engaged.

2. Sex in the morning, afternoon or night?
Whenever, but I guess mostly at night.

3. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Depends. If my fiancé is in bed with me I sleep on the right side, farthest from the wall. If not (which is most of the time since he’s on thirds) I tend to kinda take up the whole bed.

4. Do you masturbate?
I’m fairly certain anyone who answers no to this question either has the sex drive of a rock, is dating a nympho, or is lying through their teeth.

5. How often? Lately?
uhhh, I can’t say that I keep count really.

6. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money?

7. Do you prefer showers or baths?
showers, about 99% of the time. I only take baths when I’ve had a terrible day or I’m really, really sore.

8. Have you ever had sex in the shower or the bath?
Yeah, now and again.

9. Do you watch/read pornography?
I read/write/rp it.

10. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed?
both. It really just depends on my mood.

11. Do you love someone on your friends list?

12. Do you know all the people on your friends list?
I’d like to think I’m pretty well acquainted with the majority of them. Quite a few I know in person, and one I’m related to.

13. Would you choose love or money?
Love, hands down. What’s the point of having lots of money if you don’t have someone to share it with?

14. Your top three favorite kinks in bed?
Despite the fact that I look all sweet and cuddly, I tend to be a bit rough… or a lot rough. I rather like being bitten. I have a thing about hands and wrists, too. And, errr… you know, you could probably just read the fic I write and get an idea of what kinks I have… ‘cept the kink meme stuff because aside from the bondage one, that was all challenge stuff.

15. Has anyone ever gone beyond your personal line of respect sexually?
Yeah. I hit him in the face with my boot.

16. Where is the most romantic place you have had sex?
You know, I really can’t think of anywhere that’s honestly romantic.

17. Where is the weirdest place you have had sex?
I used to own a lingerie shop (private strip club) and we were really, really slow one day so I locked the door and had sex with my fiancé, who was running security, in one of the rooms. XD

18. Have you ever been caught having sex?
The first fucking time! My dad came home from work four hours early on a whim. Also, I got caught by a cop once in a car in a parking lot.

19. Have you ever been to a strip club?
I used to work at a strip club. Also, I was pregnant for my 21st birthday and couldn’t drink, so that was my first time being a patron of one.

20. Ever been to a bar just to get sex?

21. Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club for sexual reasons?

22. Ever been picked up in a bar?
There’ve been attempts.

23. Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex?

24. What's your sexuality?
Bisexual! I consider myself to be pretty gender blind.

25. Had sex in a movie theater?
Yeah, a few times

26. Had sex in a bathroom?
Yes, but not a public one.

27. Have you ever had sex at work?
Yeah, at more than one job, actually.

28. Have you ever been in an "adult" store?

29. Bought something from an adult store?

30. Do you own any sex toys?

31. If yes, how many and what are they?
A few vibrators, a couple of dildos, a collar, nipple clamps (that have actually never been used for their intended purpose), rope, handcuffs, this net you put on a bed like a sheet that has adjustable straps… it’s a bondage thing… and ummm… actually, I can’t really list off the rest without going to look and I’m too lazy.

32. Does anyone have naughty pics of you or are you on film?
I did two softcore g/g porn videos, a magazine shoot, and I spent a couple of years doing freelance modeling. I’m sure I’m not the only person who still has those pictures.

33. Have you ever had sex with someone and called them the wrong name?
Nope. Ive never dated anyone that saying their name during sex didn’t just sound funny to me.

34. Have you ever had phonesex?

35. Have you ever had cybersex?
Yeah, once or twice.

36. Do you think oral sex constitutes as a form of intercourse?

37. What's your favorite sexual position?
Depends on my mood. Mostly missionary, though.

38. What's your favorite sex act?
anal sex

39. Have you ever had sex with more than one person at a time?
Yeah. It actually wasn’t very interesting, considering I wasn’t attracted to either of the other participants (long, unimportant story there)

40. Who do you think has the guts to repost this?
You know, I don’t know. I’m not even sure who has the guts to read this. XD

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