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Overdue RL Post

I was looking over my LJ this morning and realized that, aside from lambasting you all with way tmi in that sex meme, I've not really posted anything lately that wasn't fic or fic related. Actually, there's a reason for that, honest. I tend to try to stick to the positive, and there was a lot of bad stuff going on that I didn't really want to bleed into my update. The worst, however, is over, and I think I can talk about at least some of what was going on because at least it has a happy ending.

First up, the car mess. I don't remember if I actually explained what happened last summer, but here's what happened. Sorry it's long.

So back in June, my dad was still working for this car dealership in town. The guy who owns the place has more money than anyone has any business having, so there are like... 8 different branches. (That is actually important to the story) Anyway, Dad found me a fantastic deal on a car that I immediately fell in love with. My current vehicle was dying so that kind of made the decision for me. My fiance and I got financed for Roy!car and went on our merry way. We got the insurance we were supposed to (also important to the story) and if the dealership had sent us the title info, we'd have registered it.

Then, while I was down in Dallas, I get a call that our financing had fallen through. I've heard a few different stories about why it happened, and I don't really care at this point. What matters is that, all of a sudden we didn't own the car anymore and they were trying to make us bring it back. In turn, I demanded my trade in back... which they had sold. It put us at a bit of a stalemate because they didn't want to give me the amount of money they had listed the trade in for in our contract either. This is the point where I called the insurance company and asked what to do since it's my understanding that you can't insure a car you don't own. The insurance company had me change to what's called a Named Driver Policy, where you have a policy that you pay for, but it's not on any particular car. (also important to the most recent part of this mess).

So the dealership tried to force us to finance another vehicle, regardless of the fact that the only reason I'd gone through them at all was for Roycar. They apparently thought that two male managers ganging up on a woman and her infant was good business practice and seemed kinda put out when I didn't budge. That was the point where they finally found me financing. Well, they actually didn't find me financing. They found someone who'd finance my fiance, but we got the car and it worked out. On that end of things anyway.

So this was back in August. They didn't give us a dealerplate because I was just going to use my old plate until we could go register the car, thinking it was only going to be a week or two. We would have gone right away, but the title info we had was for the old financing and it was invalid. So a few weeks go by and we don't have the new title information. Because there are a zillion branches, and we dealt with FOUR of them, no one seemed to know what we were talking about when we called. My plate expired at the end of August, and we didn't get the title mess worked out until New Year's Eve, which meant a lot of driving on an expired plate. (This paperwork mess is also why the insurance hadn't been changed back to full coverage yet)

On January 9th, we still didn't have the title information and got pulled over for driving on an expired plate. Even though the car isn't technically mine, I'm the one who got hit with penalties for driving on an expired plate and without proper insurance. We ended up having to deal with the cop for almost two hours. To his credit, he was nice enough to escort us home instead of impounding the car. It was cold and snowy, so I invited him up while I was looking for paperwork that would verify the explanation I was giving him. Big mistake by the way.

There wasn't anything he could really do so he gave me tickets for both offenses and I had to go to court for them.... just a couple of days ago actually. By state law, I would have lost my license for a year and could have gone to jail for two months over it.

The car mess and the cps mess are kind of tied together. Anyone who's seen my house knows the living room tends to be cluttered. Steve is ridiculously organizationally challenged and his desk is the first thing you see when you walk in. There are usually toys and things all over the floor because since I went back to work it's harder to keep up with Alexis, and sometimes the dishes get left because I get all grrr about doing all the cooking and cleaning and make myself leave it until someone else does them. The house is a little cluttered, but it's not dirty or anything, but somehow the cop saw it and got a cps report out of it. So the cps lady showed up making it out like he'd filed this major complaint about us, to the point I was ready to file a complaint against him with the police department. I didn't find out until this past Monday just how much she was exaggerating what he'd said.

Anyway, so we had to deal with her a few times, but that's at least over with. She was supposed to call me with the results of her report a few weeks ago, but she hasn't called and I can't get anything but her voice mail. I'm just going to assume everything is okay unless I hear otherwise I guess.

So far as the court/car mess goes. I went to court Monday. It took three hours, talking to the judge, the prosecutor, the prosecutor's assistant, the court reporter, some other court staff, and the prosecutor again, and traipsing all over the court house, but it's as taken care of as it can be. The insurance part is completely taken off, so I won't have a misdemeanor on my record \o/ He was going to try to take off the license plate one as well, but Indiana doesn't provide any grounds for dismissing a license plate violation, so unfortunately I have to pay that one. He said I could take the dealership to court for the $120, but at this point I'm so happy to be done and still driving and not in jail I really don't care to.

On the bright side, I have a very good feeling about this year. Work's been fantastic. I haven't said much about it because I could probably post something happy about it every day and I think that'd get old for everyone else after a while. I got a call from the district manager the other day, though, saying she was glad she promoted me to assistant manager. Turns out I have some of the best numbers in the district :D I'm hoping that when the current store manager leaves, I'll have enough management experience by then to be able to take her position. I plan to stick around and hopefully get a store manager position at one of our stores, but I really like the one I'm at. I guess we'll just see how it goes.

Also, my apologies for not updating fic lately. I actually am writing. I've just not been writing fic the last week or so. I'm working on an original thing that will theoretically eventually be something publishable, or at least readable. I'm having a lot of fun with it in any case. I'm totally in love with the characters, and sort of want to snuggle them all. Time shall tell whether that actually makes for a good story though, I guess. I'm haphazardly working on fic, too, so I should have something up here soon.

I think that about covers it, for now. I'm sure I'll think of something later that I forgot, but then maybe I'll start updating again on some sort of regular basis. XD
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