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Blind Devotion

Title: Blind Devotion
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Ed/fem!Ed
Author: inugrlrayn
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: A gift for hikaru_9 inspired by this. Thanks to zakai_ for the awesome betaing, elfen for catching my vocabulary flub ups, and cryogenia for the title
Summary: Ed and girl!Ed having blindfold sex. Enough said.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or any of its characters.

There had to be something fundamentally wrong with this. After all, despite a softer set of curves, features a little more delicate than his own, a voice just a bit less harsh, she was still another world’s version of him. Well, she was another world’s female version of him. Ed, and he couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry that she shared a name with him, could recount the majority of his past, because it was hers, too. Before he knew it, he’d been entranced; recounting stories in an attempt to find what places their lives diverged.

Stories eventually led to showing off battle scars, and then… and then… Well, truth be told, he hadn’t meant for this to happen at all, but what had begun as purely scientific curiosity quickly dissolved into a rather stunned appreciation for the way her lips gave so easily under his.

“This is fucking weird,” Ed murmured, her breath hissing in soft puffs against Edward’s ear. He shivered at the sensation, but drew away, reigning in his own opinions on the matter long enough to meet her gaze.

“We… don’t have to…” Edward managed to get out, but before he had the time to mentally face palm at the desperate note in his voice, she was snorting and rolling her eyes at him.

“You of all people should know I don’t let people push me into things. You’re not an exception to that, no matter who you are,” she grumbled, looking rather put out at the perceived weakness.

“Well, what the hell were you complaining about, then?” Edward replied, more confused now than anything.

“I wasn’t complaining, you ass. I was just making an observation. We’re the same person, and you know, it’s not so off putting because we don’t look… identical or anything, but…” Ed trailed off, looking Edward over rather clinically.

“It’s the eyes. They’re creepy to look at, because uhh… they just are,” she settled on, finally. Edward felt the tension seep from his body at her explanation; whatever worry he’d had now channeled into coming up with a solution. Looking around the room, his gaze settled on her discarded tank top. With a broad grin, he clapped his hands together. A flash of blue light crackled through the air, and he gingerly picked up the long slip of fabric that had once been Ed’s shirt.

“What the fuck was that for?” she growled, edgy and glaring at Edward.

“You said looking at me was creepy,” Edward pointed out, looking rather pleased with himself.

“So you transmuted my shirt? That’s really smooth.” Ed sighed, shaking her head and plucking her ruined shirt from Edward’s hand. She set it down and was about the change it back when he interrupted.

“It’s a blindfold, you idiot,” Edward said, snatching the slip of fabric back from where she’d set it down.

“That’s nice. More importantly, it’s my shirt. The next time you want to do something kinky, transmute your own damn clothes.” She might have said more, but Edward took advantage of her moment of distraction, knocking her back onto the bed.

Before she could object, he covered her mouth with his own, teasing her lips apart with his tongue. She sank against him, eyes squeezing shut, and seemed to think better of arguing when the soft, dark slip of fabric was pulled over her eyes. Edward had half expected her to yank it off and beat the snot out of him, but Ed only made a soft, satisfied sound at the back of her throat, pulling on his shoulders until he melted against her.

Edward’s fingers wormed between Ed’s back and the mattress. He pulled clumsily at the clasps of her bra until they came free, snapping back from his grip. Her body pulled taut, tense beneath him, but she voiced no complaint as his palms slid against her skin. He felt her relax once more when mismatched hands, oddly familiar in their own way, skimmed her sides, dragging her bra with them until she was utterly exposed. Her breath caught in echo to his own as he took in some of their more obvious differences. Ed was… proportional. Even beneath her shirt, she’d been quite noticeably female, but she was not overly well endowed. Her breasts were pert and looked soft, a fact he tried to ignore for the time being.

A moment’s hesitation, and Edward continued, hands sliding up along the undersides of her arms. Her automail was more delicate than his own, but otherwise looked the same, and that steadied him in its own way. He pulled her arms over her head, surprised when she did not fight, only arching up against his belly. Her wrists crossed easily beneath his metal hand, and he took a moment to sit back and really look at her.

Ed’s neck was longer, leaner than his own. It gave her a vague sort of elegance he’d never possessed. Soft, bronzed skin fanned out across shoulders just a touch narrower than his own. Her automail port circled over the swell of her right breast, doing nothing to mar her figure. Edward’s breath hitched, and he swallowed hard, dipping his head. His lips brushed over her throat, worrying at her pulse point, and his human hand hesitantly inched closer to her chest.

“Would you stop being a pansy and get on with it?” Ed grumbled, breaking the silence between them. She wriggled impatiently, looking very near ready to tear off the blindfold and be done with the whole thing already.

“I’m not being a pansy,” Edward irritably grated out. “I’m just… getting around to it.”

“Well get around to it faster or fuck off already,” Ed snipped, scowling beneath her blindfold.

“Shut up or do it yourself,” Edward snipped back. The point was moot anyway as Edward finally slid his hand over one of her breasts, a little bit taken aback by the shudder that resulted. Ed’s breath let out in a soft whoosh between her lips, and she fell back into silence, as his human palm slid across her skin.

When she didn’t kick Edward or otherwise try to maim him, he continued. Kisses down her throat melted into a warm, wet tongue along the edge of her automail port, and then lips murmuring softly over the swell of her breasts. He felt the rise and fall of her chest quicken, and a choked gasp wormed its way from her throat. With a broad grin, Edward stuck out his tongue, the flat of it pressing over a pert nipple.

“Oh, oh fuck,” Ed grated out, nearly wrenching her wrists free from Edward’s grasp. She settled with a tremor that ran the length of her spine, ending in hips that ground desperately against his through two pairs of leather pants. Edward groaned in response, a shaky breath rattling through his chest.

Once he’d regained some semblance of thought, Edward glanced upward. His mouth twitched at the expression she wore beneath the blindfold, visibly fighting the urge to rip it off so she could see to fight back. It was only when his tongue dragged across her skin, carefully mapping the contours of her chest, that her irritated expression slipped, lips pursing in pleasure.

Bit by bit, Edward’s hand slipped from her wrists. He might not have noticed, but Ed shifted, grasping at air until she touched his automail port. There was a brief smile of recognition as fingers a bit more slender than his own whispered along the side of his throat, drawing a sigh from his lips. Her hand curled behind his neck in what he guessed was an attempt to keep tabs on him without taking the blindfold off.

Edward strayed a little lower, nipping at the smooth expanse of Ed’s belly. He felt, more than heard the soft, encouraging moan that seemed to reverberate through her body as taut muscles twitched beneath his lips. The fingers resting at the nape of his neck tightened in anticipation as he mouthed at her waistline, hemmed in only by the band of her leather pants.

It was only when his fingers plucked deftly at her belt that Edward shimmied back up her body, not wanting to stop and think about what he was doing. There were implications to the fact that he could manage her clothing as easily as if he did it every day, and he wasn’t sure if he was more afraid that he’d change his mind… or that he wouldn’t. He pushed the thought away with rough, demanding kisses, answered in kind as Ed’s fingers left his neck long enough to tug his braid free.

She buried them in his hair, dragging them across his scalp, and using him for leverage as he tugged her zipper down. His fingers hooked in the waistband of her pants almost of their own volition, and he wasn’t sure if it was him or her who whined softly at the loss when he released her lips. Regardless, he pulled away, dragging her pants over her hips and down her thighs, tossing them aside. They fell beside the bed with a heavy rush of leather and the clunk of metal, but the sound was lost to his ears.

For a moment, Edward simply looked at her, stretched out lazily across the bed, naked save for her underwear and the makeshift blindfold. Her chest heaved with every panting breath, and he could only imagine her heart was hammering as urgently as his own. Her lips were red and kiss swollen, parted in an effort to breath, and his stomach clenched with the realization that she was actually quite beautiful when she wasn’t glaring at him.

“Wha…what are you doing?” Ed’s voice cut through the silence, sounding irritated enough that Edward could ignore the hesitation in it. He could have kissed her for that, anything to keep from really thinking, and he felt his lips twist upward as he made quick work of the last of his clothes. It seemed only equivalent considering she couldn’t even see how exposed he was. Just as she looked as if she might say something else, he knelt on the bed, his movement enough to silence her.

Well, almost silence her. He shifted until his knees were settled on either side of her nearly bare hips, and balanced on a steel palm. The other skimmed the curves of her body, pausing to palm at a breast. Ed whimpered at the contact, arching up against him. Her chest and stomach were hot, nearly burning against his own, and the cotton fabric of her panties slid teasingly against his cock as she moved, drawing a sharp gasp from his lips.

After that, it was easier to forget that there was a world beyond that room. Only soft skin that gave beneath lips and tongue and teeth as she wriggled under his weight, only fingers trembling in his hair, only barely audible stuttered moans existed in his current reality. Losing himself in the moment, he finally dragged her underwear from her body, paying no mind to where they landed.

Edward didn’t hesitate, afraid if he did, he’d lose the nerve. He nudged her thighs apart to settle between them, drawing a deep breath as he did. The pads of his fingers traced the hollows of her hips, edging teasingly downward.

“Could you… ohhhh,” Ed hissed, whatever she’d been planning to say lost in her own pleasure. She shifted blindly against Edward’s fingers as they pressed her lips apart, murmuring something pleased and incoherent. He slid his thumb gently against her, surprised at how wet she was beneath his touch. She whimpered as he fell into rhythm, shivering with pleasure at every touch that found its mark.

Resolutely, he kept his eyes on her face, not trusting himself to maintain any sort of control if he let them stray. It was hard enough to feel the give of her body beneath his fingers, the slick heat of her surrounding his fingers as they slipped experimentally into her. Ed’s breath stuttered, and she sucked her lip between her teeth as she writhed against and sank into the sheets.

Drunk on her reactions, Ed found himself wanting to be a source of pleasure to her as much as he wanted release for himself. Experimentally, he dipped his head, drawing his tongue carefully along her clit. A hiccupped sob bubbled from Ed’s lips and her hands searched him out, metal fingers clamping almost painfully around his shoulder, the other falling away to clutch at the bed linens.

Edward hardly noticed the way her legs fell further apart as his fingers pumped in and out of her body. Ed seemed almost shocked when the lapping of his tongue against her was enough to spit fire along her nerves until she came entirely unstrung. She gasped for breath, pushing desperately against his fingers, and Edward fought the urge to lift his head and watch her.

Only after she’d slumped back against the mattress did he pull his hand and mouth away, noting with satisfaction the nearly inaudible bereft noise she made. He refused to wonder if it was only because of who she truly was that he’d been so adept at this.

He had to admit, release looked good on her. Most of Ed’s hair had come loose from its tie, only held down by the blindfold. It fanned out around narrow shoulders, accentuating the flush that crept across her cheeks, down her throat to a still heaving chest. She squirmed a little bit, as if it had just occurred to her that he was probably staring, and her lips turned halfheartedly down.

“What are you waiting for, a written invitation?” Ed grumbled in a transparent attempt at hiding her nervousness. There was no bite in her words, her voice and body language clouded by release, and Ed just rolled his eyes Edward found himself crawling up her body and pressing down until he could feel the heat of her skin against his own. His hands pressed into the mattress on either side of her shoulders even as her own slipped down his sides, hot and cold along his skin, framing the knobs of his hips.

It was the only warning he got. Ed seemed to have decided, blindfolded or not, she’d had enough of lying back and serenely allowing Edward to have his way. The world spun for a moment, and Edward was pressed hard into the mattress. He couldn’t quite find it in himself to care or fight the sensation of being so utterly owned as Ed sightlessly straddled him, damp thighs caging his hips. Her palms flattened out against his chest to support her weight and she shamelessly ground against him, wet and burning against along the length of his cock.

“Fuck.” Edward hardly recognized his own voice, low and rough with lust and desperation. Some part of him wanted to regain the upper hand, but her lean, wiry body was every bit as strong as his, and Edward found himself well and truly pinned.

“How do you like being fucking teased?” Ed whispered. Edward couldn’t see her smile so much as hear it in her voice, and he shuddered at her breath coming in warm puffs against his ear. Her teeth scraped at his throat, and her blindfold rubbed against his cheek as she moved, enough to make him desperate, and not nearly enough to satisfy.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Edward finally replied, hoping that his squirming on the bed would entice her to take mercy on him. He watched Ed’s lips curl upwards in a smile he recognized, as if she’d won some game, but he didn’t get the chance to be irritated about it. A warm hand found the length of his cock, and Edward groaned at each twitch of her wrist. She pumped his length once, twice, and was guiding him into the same heat that had devoured his fingers before.

Edward’s breath caught, and Ed hissed in pleasure, lifting herself up and sliding down once more. She moved rhythmically, and did not argue when Edward couldn’t help hanging onto her hips and thrusting upwards. She moaned instead, stuttered and eerily familiar, slumping down until her body was pressed flush against his.

Bit by bit, Edward felt himself spiraling out of control. Ed cursed in his ear, her teeth digging into the side of his neck, and her nails dug into his chest, a little harder with every movement of his hips. It was all he could do to hang on as her body clamped down around him, dragging a sharp cry from his lips.

Release burned its way through him, sparking down his spine to settle in his belly. He shivered as she rode out his orgasm, until his body no longer pulsed with it and he slumped back against the mattress, hardly able to breathe, let alone speak.

He was vaguely aware of her rolling off of him, flopping back on the mattress with gasping breaths, and a word or two he couldn’t make out, though they sounded vaguely appreciative. He might have said something back, but it occurred to him then that he was tired and simply couldn’t be bothered. There would be time to think about all this later. For now, he was content enough to close his eyes and let the darkness take him.

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  • Take Two

    Title: Take Two Author: 
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