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Title: Sway
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Ed/Hei
Author: inugrlrayn
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: A gift for darkblysse for the last sweet charity auction. I finished it and then forgot to actually post it. The prompt she gave me was stripping and a lap dance and I am apparently unable to take things like that at face value.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or any of its characters.

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“So, the equation isn’t completely wrong or anything. It just needs a few adjustments,” Ed explained. Alfons thought he was explaining something anyway. It was hard to tell, distracted as he was. He walked half a step behind Edward, enough that he could watch the rhythmic swing of his companion’s ponytail without looking terribly suspicious.

Despite Edward’s rather blasé attitude about taking care of himself, his hair always managed to look bright and smooth and touchable. Alfons had wondered often what it would feel like to pull the tie loose and thread his fingers through it. It would slip easily through his fingers, he was sure. Ed might even like it and…

Alfons shook his head, trying to clear it of the sounds or… other reactions he might get from his roommate. Edward was off limits, his friend, his drinking buddy, a man. Turning away to hide the flush that crept incriminatingly across his cheeks, Alfons hurried to catch up with Ed.

That damnable ponytail bobbed as Ed turned to face him. Eyes the color of apple juice narrowed as they regarded him and Edward’s eyebrows scrunched a bit in suspicion or worry. When he only blinked, saying nothing, Alfons was absolutely certain he’d been found out, and prayed that by some miracle he would sink into the sidewalk, anything so as not to have to endure Ed’s disgust.

The berating Alfons expected never came. Edward only smiled, a bit too widely, a bright flash of teeth that Ed gave when he was trying to pretend he wasn’t worried. He reached out to pat Alfons on the shoulder, unknowingly making the matter worse. Alfons turned a darker shade of pink and the smile promptly dropped from Ed’s lips as be asked, “Are you okay? Do you need to sit down or something? I mean, were almost home but we could stop for a minute if you need to. I know it’s hot out and…”

“I’m fine, Ed,” Alfons replied, cutting off Edward’s rambling. His stomach turned with guilt that Edward had read his behavior so entirely wrong, but there was relief in not being found out. Edward seemed content enough at his answer, though, and released his hold on Alfons’ shoulder.

They walked in companionable silence after that. The spot on his shoulder where Edward’s hand had been still tingled, clamoring to have that touch back. It was a trick of the oppressive summer heat, Alfons was sure, but that made it no easier to bear. He didn’t dare look up at Edward again, instead focusing on the sidewalk that passed briskly under their heels.

Focused as he was, it took some time for Alfons to realize Ed was watching him. He started, sucking in a sharp breath. Ed seemed not to notice, only cocking his head a bit. “What’s on yoru mind? I thought you were going to run into something staring at the ground like that.

He meant to say that it was nothing. He meant to tell Edward, who was openly staring at him with those big, golden eyes, that he was fine, really. He opened his mouth to speak, but his thoughts were distracted, jumbled as he looked back at his companion.

There was that ponytail again, swinging treacherously behind Ed’s head. Only the hair wasn’t really the problem. It simply drew attention to Edward’s neck, soft and elegant and mostly disappearing into the collar of his shirt. The shirt had buttons, as did the vest that lay over it. They did little to shroud the lean, muscular frame Alfons knew lay beneath. He was struck hard by the urge to reach out and pluck the buttons free, though, just to be sure.

“Alfons?” Edward pressed, frowning deeply. “You sure you’re okay?”

In his head, he was going to promise Edward that really, really, despite his odd behavior, he was okay. He opened his mouth to say as much, but all that came out was, “Aren’t you awfully hot in all those clothes?”

Despite the heat, Alfons could feel the color drain from his face as he and Edward both registered what he’d said. He was just about to apologize, either for hurting Ed’s feelings, or for finding him so ridiculously attractive, when Edward did the unthinkable. His lips curled up in a truly amused grin, and he held his human hand to his lips to stifle a laugh.

“That’s what this was all about?” Ed asked once his laughter had subsided enough to speak. He sobered slightly, motioning to his prosthetic arm as he continued, “It’s not exactly comfortable, but can you imagine the questions people would ask if I didn’t cover this up?”

“Sorry,” Alfons murmured hastily, hoping he hadn’t hurt Ed’s feelings too badly.

It seemed though, that he was more bothered on his roommate’s behalf than Ed himself was. “It’s okay, really. Besides, it’s not your fault, so stop apologizing.”

Alfons sagged in relief when they reached the building that housed their small apartment. The humid, sticky air made him sleepy, and he welcomed the idea of a nap. It was too much to ask, he was sure, that he’d wake up free of this unnatural desire to touch Edward, but at least he might be thinking straight enough to hold it in check.

They trudged up the steps together, and it was just Alfons’ luck that he ended up behind Edward, utterly entranced by the subtle sway of his hips. He shook his head roughing in an effort to stop staring as Edward paused to open the door. His roommate disappeared through it without so much as a glance back to see if Alfons followed.

“It’s like an oven in here, I think maybe worse than outside, Ed complained from within the apartment. Alfons’ stomach dropped as he followed Edward inside. His friend was already moving to unbutton his vest as he strode to the living room window. The brown cotton fabric was pushed from his shoulders, left to fall carelessly to the floor. He pressed his weight against the window pain until the warmed wood finally lifted, letting in a muggy breeze.

“You’re not planning to leave your clothes all over the floor, are you?” Alfons managed weakly. Ed’s mess, cluttered habits had irked him once. Now he only swallowed at the mental image his own words conjured of Edward actually leaving said clothes on the floor after all.

“Oh, sorry,” Ed said sheepishly, bending to gather up the fallen garment. He stood at the window for a moment. Finally seeming to decide that where he stood was no more comfortable than anywhere else, he stepped away, heading off towards his bedroom.

Alfons sighed, grateful that Ed had not noticed his discomfort. He was just about to escape to the relative safety of his own room when Ed called to him, too lazy perhaps to just come back to the living room, “Hey Alfons, come here. I want to show you something.”

Alfons screwed his eyes shut, taking a deep breath in an attempt to clear his head. When he made it to the doorway of Ed’s room, his roommate was standing, thankfully still clothed, at the dresser. Ed riffled through a mess of scattered papers, finally coming up with a worn notebook. He motioned offhandedly at the bed for Alfons to sit, tossing the notebook into his lap when he did. Ed looked terribly pleased about it, grinning as he spoke, “I couldn’t really sleep last night, so I was working on this. I thought you might want to take a look.”

Alfons caught the notebook, mostly out of reflex. His attention, however, was most certainly not on it. Instead, he watched Edward, who still had his back turned. The white cotton of his shirt stuck to sweat slick skin, and Alfons could make out the broad expanse of Ed’s back, marred only by the contraption of metal and leather that stretched across his shoulder blades.

“So what do you think?” Ed’s voice cut through the haze Alfons was in, startling him back to reality. His roommate started at him oddly for a moment, waiting for an answer.

“Think?” Alfons croaked, not at all realizing what Ed was talking about. What he did think was that his eyes were glued to Ed’s fingers as they slowly pried loose the buttons of his shirt. Inch after inch of bare skin was exposed, very nearly within arm’s reach and Alfons fairly ached to touch it.

“About the rocket. Geez, don’t just sit there like a dolt. Read that,” Edward grumbled, scarcely pausing in his efforts to shrug the shirt off of his shoulders. It slid slowly, caressing his arms as it slipped free, and Edward’s lips parted to suck in a breath as the air finally hit his skin.

He didn’t want to be staring. He really, really didn’t want to be staring. Alfons found, though, as Ed worked his wrists free of his sleeves, until his shirt dangled from the fingers of one hand, that the situation was utterly hopeless. His eyes were drawn without his consent to the slip of white fabric, following it as it fluttered to the floor, and back to Edward, utterly bare from the waist up. Alfons tried to read the notebook Ed had forced on him, but it was impossible to concentrate.

Graphite smudges in the form of words and doodles across the page melted into each other. Alfons looked up again, and Edward was prying his belt free, tugging it from the loops of his pants. It landed with a dull clatter as he started in on the button of his slacks. Suddenly the room was unbearably hot, and Alfons pants were a bit too tight. He stared in wide eyed horror, panicking as he tried to think of a way to get away. When no solution was forthcoming, he carefully repositioned the notebook in his lap.

“Well?” Ed pressed, sounding a bit irritated that Alfons was not fully appreciating his genius. He paused with his pants unzipped, hanging precariously from his hips, as he turned to face Alfons.

“I… I kind of have a headache,” Alfons replied weakly. He did not meet Ed’s eyes, sure he wouldn’t be able to pass this off if he did. It made his stomach turn to lie to his roommate this way, but he had to get away before he did something… regrettable. It was bad enough that he wanted something so unnatural without burdening Edward with that want. Forcing himself to continue, he sighed softly, “Do you suppose I could maybe read it later?”

Edward’s brows knit together, turning downward towards the bridge of his nose until they very nearly touched. For a moment he looked irritated, but the expression passed quickly, replaced by disappointment he did not hide well. Alfons frowned, deciding that a disappointed, crestfallen Ed was only marginally better than the anger and disgust he would surely have faced if he’d told the truth.

“Yeah, sure. It’s not really that important.” Just as he thought he was in the clear, Edward reached out to him. Alfons realized too late that he intended to grab the notebook right from his lap. Ed’s fingers wrapped around it, tugging the book away before Alfons could react. Completely exposed, Alfons flushed, bright crimson spilling across his cheeks as he looked away.

“Umm…” Ed’s eyes were golden saucers as he rocked back on his heels looking distinctly uncomfortable.

“I… I can explain,” Alfons stammered, absolutely sure, in fact, that he couldn’t. There were no words that would make this less awful.

“It’s okay, really. It… happens sometimes,” Ed replied, looking no less awkward as he waved his arms, looking like some sort of strange, Ed shaped bird. It might have been comical if Alfons hadn’t been too busy being humiliated and horrified by the fact that Edward’s gestures threatened to divest him entirely of his pants.

“I think I’m going to go now. Sorry about all that. Bye.” The words practically tumbled over each other in their hurry to leave Alfons’ lips, and scarcely had they made it into the open air before Alfons removed himself from Ed’s bed, hastily retreating to the safety of his own room. He shut the door far more firmly than he meant to and startled himself with the bang of the heavy wood against its frame. He stood with the door at his back, slumping miserably to the floor.


It was hours later when Alfons finally worked up the courage to emerge from his bedroom. His stomach finally gave him no choice, and cautiously, he opened the bedroom door. Edward was nowhere to be seen, and Alfons let out the breath he’d been holding.

Making his way to the kitchen, Alfons pried open the door to the icebox. Pulling out a few things, he set about making dinner. It was only a matter of time before Ed would make an appearance, gravitating towards dinner like a magnet to steel.

Dinner was finished cooking by the time Ed took notice. He startled Alfons, padding out of the bathroom still damp with bathwater. Alfons tried not to stare, really, truly tried, but he found himself entranced by strands of spun gold that clung to Ed’s jaw and tumbled down around his shoulders. Ed was thankfully clothed, if only halfway, his pants slung revealingly low without his belt, threatening to fall completely any moment. His shirt wasn’t buttoned, revealing smooth skin and the leather piece that held his arm in place, white fabric clinging to skin that was still slightly wet.

Alfons’ mouth went dry. He turned his back abruptly, hoping that Ed had not noticed him looking. There was a screech of wooden chair legs across the floor, a heavy thud as Ed flopped down in it and scooted back to the table.

That much at least was habit, relaxing Alfons a bit. Ed grinned when he was offered a plate, just like always, as if the incident earlier had never even happened. Alfons found himself falling into normal habits, taking a seat across from Ed and shaking his head. “You really are shameless. You’re just as capable of making dinner as I am.”

“And yet you keep doing it for me,” Ed replies, lips still quirked in a satisfied smile. There was something else though, something in Ed’s tone of voice, in his gaze that made Alfons’ belly bottom out. He was watching Alfons the way he looked at a board full of equations sometimes, thoughtful and calculating and intensely interested.

“That’s because if I don’t you’ll just whine about being hungry until I give up and make you something anyway,” Alfons retorted, setting into his own dinner.

Ed seemed to accept that. He tore into his dinner as if he hadn’t had a meal in his life, hardly pausing to chew. Just when Alfons thought he’d narrowly escaped whatever it was that had been going on in Ed’s mind, he piped up. “I do not whine.”

“You really do. It’s that you sit around and sigh and complain and are generally loud and distracting until you are fed.” Alfons turned his attention back to his food. He rather hoped this wasn’t going to turn into another Ed rant, because Ed rants were sort of cute when they were about inane things. The last thing he needed was to be thinking Edward and cute in the same thought, because Ed was still lounging about with his shirt undone. There was that look again, the one that made Alfons feel as if he were some sort of experiment.

Much to Alfons’ relief, no Ed rant was forthcoming. He seemed content enough to inhale the rest of his dinner. When he was finished, his tongue darted out, skimming suggestively across his lips. It couldn’t be on purpose of course. Alfons was fairly certain Ed didn’t possess a sensual bone in his body, but it made his spine tingle all the same.

Edward then did something utterly unexplainable. He leaned over the table to grab Alfons’ empty plate. Alfons was helpless but to boggle at his roommate. “What’re you doing?”

“You cooked. I’ll wash up. It’s only fair, right?” Ed replied, lingering at this awkward angle longer than was strictly necessary. His expression was friendly and open and… something else that Alfons couldn’t quite make out because it wasn’t in the voluminous encyclopedia of faces Ed made, not the version he subscribed to in any case. Some subtle movement on Ed’s part had Alfons’ eyes drifting downward completely of their own accord, distracted by the swaying, unbuttoned edges of Ed’s shirt.

This sort of distraction was bad, could not possibly end well, and so Alfons did the only thing he could think to do. He bolted, scrambling back out of his chair. Ed blinked owlishly at him, and there was no explanation Alfons could think of for the strangely put out look on his roommate’s face. Desperate to hide his own feelings on the matter, Alfons hastily pushed in his chair and headed for the doorway, his words hasty and almost frantic, “I’ll… I’ll just leave you to it, then.”


The next few days were awkward, though Alfons couldn’t quite put his finger on why. He was the same, and Ed was the same, and they did all the things they always did. There were no accusations, and if anything, Ed was quieter than usual, watching him.

That, perhaps, was the issue. Ed seemed no less amiable, no less comfortable eating or carousing or working on projects with Alfons than he had before. He scribbled furiously away as he worked at the kitchen table, his lips tilting in a peculiar smile when Alfons sat beside him.

“What are you working on?” Alfons asked, sure that Ed was just itching to tell him about it.

As expected, Ed shoved the notebook practically under Alfons’ nose. Slightly less expected was the way he got out of his chair, taking the two steps required to land himself at Alfons’ side. He leaned over the table, breath warm and sticky against Alfons neck, close enough to touch as he traced lines he’d drawn before.

Whatever Edward was actually saying was entirely lost on Alfons. That voice, soft and strange and almost tangible against the shell of his ear made him shiver. He was utterly entranced by Edward’s surprisingly delicate fingers moving across the page, brushing lightly against his own hand in what he assumed to be an accident. Regardless, his spine tingled in expectation.

“Are you even listening to me?” Ed’s voice cut through the haze. His lips were so close to Alfons’ ear he could almost almost feel them brush against his skin. The tingling sensation spread downward, and he could not silence the soft, moaning sound that bubbled from his lips. Alfons panicked, knowing there was no explanation he could come up with that would sound plausible.

“I… I just remembered something I have to go do before I forget. I’ll be back.” Alfons scrambled to get away, ignoring the surprised squeak from Ed as she shoved his chair back. He couldn’t think straight, not with Ed so close and touchable and… and he had to get out of here before he did something entirely stupid.

“Hey… Hey wait,” Ed called after him, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop. Ed would look at him then with that strange expression he often had on his face lately, the unsettling one that suggested he knew something.

He dashed down the stairs and along the sidewalk, desperate to calm down. Ed didn’t, couldn’t know, though he wasn’t so sure now with the sound he’d made. Alfons cursed under his breath, walking longer than was strictly necessary to slow his rapidly beating heart and get himself under control.

When Alfons returned, the house was dark, and for a moment, he thought Ed had gone to bed. The light in Ed’s room, though, remained on, and Ed himself was curled up in bed, poring over a textbook. Even with his brows knit in concentration, his mind seemed elsewhere , lips turned down in a pout that made Alfons want to touch his face, to lick his lips and kiss him senseless, which all sounded vaguely weird to be wanting at the same time.

As much as he wanted to keep watching Ed, it was far too dangerous, and he wasn’t up to being caught. With one, last longing look, he scurried past the door until he was safely in his own room. He shut the door, slouching against it and trying to shake away thoughts of kissing Ed.


If Alfons had thought the days before were awkward, the week that followed was far worse. That pouting , afflicted look never quite seemed to disappear from Ed’s face, and though he always looked focused, concentrating on something, nothing was actually getting done. Ed was doing a lot of unproductive staring, doodling strange circles and markings, and Alfons was so worried that he’d been discovered, he couldn’t think.

For once, the house was quiet, though, if only because he’d gotten up before Ed. Without his roommate in the chair beside him, it was easier for Alfons to concentrate, and he struggled to make up for lost time. The door down the hall creaked open, but he was too lost in thought to notice.

It was impossible not to notice, however, when the light from the window was blocked, shading the pages he was working on. An Ed shaped shadow loomed over him, and showed no signs of going elsewhere. Instead he waited quietly for Alfons to acknowledge his presence, the silence itself rather surprising to Alfons.

Bare, mismatched feet scuffed impatiently against the hard wood floor. Cautiously, Alfons’ eyes slid upward, widening at the equally bare calves he was presented with. He sagged in relief when Ed’s legs were abruptly cut off by the tails of the long, button down shirt he’d worn to bed. It was only a momentary sort of relief though, because other than that Ed seemed rather quite naked.

“E…Ed?” Alfons squeaked, startled by Ed’s state of dress.

“You said you could explain,” Ed blurted out, sporting that pout that made Alfons uncomfortably tempted to lick him. He only wished he knew what his roommate was talking about, so that he could explain whatever it was and get this tempting, mostly naked Ed somewhere out of his reach.

“Explain…what?” Alfons asked, genuinely confused and not sure he really wanted an answer at all.

“Well… what happened, in my bedroom. It was nothing, and then you said you could explain,” Ed replied. The words were raucous, accusatory, but Edward’s expression was something entirely different. His eyes were narrowed in concentration, waiting for Alfons to reply.

“You…you’re /still/ on about that?” Alfons asked, stunned, though perhaps he shouldn’t have been. Ed picked strange things to hang onto, and it was just his luck that this would be one.

“I’m not still on about anything,” Ed muttered petulantly. He took a step forward, prosthetic clacking against the floor, and Alfons would have scooted back but there was nowhere to go.
“That was two weeks ago, Ed. That qualifies very strongly as still on about it, I think,” Alfons argued, freezing up a bit as Ed took another step closer.

“I’m not the one who’s been all weird the last two weeks,” Ed insisted, taking the last step so that he stood right beside Alfons.

“That’s because you keep staring and invading my personal space,” Alfons squawked. As if to punctuate his point, Ed chose that moment to flop down in his lap, golden eyes pinning him in place.

“What…are you doing?” Alfons panicked, realizing only belatedly that Ed was not quite so naked as he’d originally thought. It was small consolation that the thin fabric of Ed’s boxers were still on after all.

“I just want to know something,” Ed grumbled, mismatched hands flying to the buttons of his shirt. He plucked the first one deftly open, and Alfons’ mouth went dry. He didn’t want to be watching, but his eyes were glued to Ed’s fingers as they moved to the next button, leaving a pale, bare patch of skin behind.

Ed was warm and squirming dangerously against him in a disjointed parody of the way women danced at the cabaret. Only, he was fairly certain that the cabaret girls wouldn’t be doing said dancing in his lap. Speaking of which, despite his attempts to ignore the fact that Ed was, in fact, doing said dancing, or something like it, Alfons was relatively helpless not to react.

“What are you doing? Get out of my lap,” Alfons squawked, waving his arms and trying to dislodge Ed. Ed, though, was having none of it, only giving Alfons a rather determined look that he couldn’t begin to decipher.

“You’re enjoying this.” Not for the first time, Alfons marveled at the walking contradiction that was Edward Elric. The words sounded like they ought to be some sort of accusation, full of reproach that Alfons could be having such unclean thoughts about him. Ed’s face, though, was anything but reproachful. It was… curious, pleased even, as he narrowed golden eyes that missed absolutely nothing.

“You’re squirming in my lap, Ed. It’s biology that I react that way,” Alfons hissed in embarrassment, crimson staining his cheeks.

Alfons was utterly stunned when Edward, who never knew when to back down on anything in all of ever, simply shrugged his shoulders, sliding off of Alfons’ lap. It was relieving and disappointing all in one, and Alfons bit back a pleasured groan at the way Ed rubbed against him as he moved. He let out a soft sigh as Ed once more stood in the light he was using to work.

“I…if you don’t mind, I was working on something and…” the words died in Alfons’ throat, lips left parted in astonished silence. Ed was still looking at him with that considering expression as he tugged the next button on his shirt free.

“What… what on earth are you doing?” Alfons shrieked, but Edward ignored his protests, plucking at his shirt until it hung open entirely. His cheeks were faintly pink as he did it, but he kept his eyes very firmly on Alfons’ as he let the fabric of his shirt fall away, slipping down his arms, and softly to the floor.

“You’re still enjoying this,” Edward murmured, looking quite pointedly at Alfons’ crotch. Before Alfons could quite work out what he could possibly say that would not inspire Ed to hit him… or worse, mismatched thumbs hooked in the waistband of those boxers Alfons had been so grateful for, beginning to ease them down.

For the first time that morning, Edward actually seemed to care about what was happening on more than an experimental level. Crimson crept across his cheeks, and his breathing wasn’t entirely smooth as he inched the waistband of his boxers down over his hips. In retrospect, it was probably meant to be seductive, but mostly the motions were jerky and unpracticed. The self assured look had dissolved from his face, leaving him looking every bit as nervous as Alfons felt.

Unable to lift his jaw from where it had fallen open, Alfons couldn’t quite form the words to say… anything. For the first time that morning, Ed looked away, staring at the floor as he pushed his boxers down past his thighs. They fell to his ankles, leaving Edward entirely naked.

He’d thought about this, fought against thinking about it, thought about it anyway, for so long, Alfons couldn’t help but look. Edward’s face was mostly hidden by thick bangs, loose strands of golden hair that fanned out across his shoulders. Despite the scars, the leather strap and metal that interrupted expanses of pale, smooth skin, Edward was actually rather beautiful. Alfons followed the very slight taper of Edward’s waist to where it hit his hips, revealing a rather surprising thing.

“You… you’re…” Alfonse scrambled for words, but found none. There was nothing intelligent to be said about the fact that Edward was every bit as hard as he was, and so Alfons simply stared.

He wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that, but eventually Edward squirmed uncomfortably under his gaze. He opened his mouth to say something, but quickly shut it again, hesitantly moving closer. The fact that maybe maybe Edward was as attracted to him as he was to Ed was so surprising that Alfons couldn’t help but stare at the evidence, eyes glued to Ed’s cock, bouncing slightly as he walked.

Only when Edward’s intentions were inescapably obvious did Alfons find the words to speak. Ed stood hesitantly beside Alfons’ chair, seeming to waffle over his own next move. Finally, he wriggled back into Alfons’ lap, leaning in until they were nose to nose, and it finally dawned on him, “Wait… you… you… want me to be enjoying this?”

Ed pulled back, head cocked a bit to the side. He blinked once, twice, furrowed his brow and wrinkled his nose as if he expected Alfons to have somehow known this from the get go. “Well… yeah. Why else would I be doing it?”

“I just figured it was some… sort of… experiment or something,” Alfons trailed off, not sure what else to say. He watched Edward, who was watching him, glancing off to the side and back again. He waited for Ed to say or do something, but Edward seemed just as stumped as he was. “So… what now?”

“I hadn’t really thought that far,” Ed admitted, so softly Alfons only barely caught it. He was just about to say something, perhaps suggest that Ed should get up and put some clothes on and they’d talk about this, but Ed seemed to finally decide what came next after all. He tipped his head forward the rest of the way, lips crushing against Alfons’ in a rather messy, inept kiss. There was too much spit and too much teeth, and his lips hurt, but it was a kiss all the same.

The next one was little better, though Ed seemed slightly less intent on eating his entire face. They struggled to find some sense of rhythm, but it was slow going, leaving Alfons rather stumped as to how this was meant to be pleasurable. Somewhere along the way, he was sure he tasted blood, but Ed was beginning to ease up, and though they weren’t exactly good, at least the kisses no longer hurt.

Far more distracting, though, was the way Ed ground against him. Alfons flushed brightly at the broken moan that bubbled between his lips at the feel of Ed, hard and rocking against his cock. Ed, hardly seemed to notice or care that he was embarrassed, focusing all his energy on tugging Alfons’ shirt over his head.

There wasn’t much time to appreciate the first brush of his naked chest against Ed’s. Tongue and teeth worried at the side of his neck, a bit too rough, but sort of good too. He tilted his head, sure he could come just like this, and hoping Ed would keep going. Much to his chagrin, Ed stopped, chewing his lip for a moment as he stared at Alfons’ pants. He seemed to be trying to find some conceivable way of getting them off without standing up.

Conceding defeat with a very sour look at Alfons’ pajama pants, Edward got up. His lips curled downward, pouting slightly as he considered the logistics of their situation. “I don’t think that chair is going to work.”

“F…for what?” Alfons stammered. It was so much easier when he wasn’t actively thinking about what they were doing, but now he was wondering what exactly Ed had in mind. Against his better judgment, he stood up, gasping when Ed’s fingers brushed against his cock on their way to yank down the rest of his clothes.

Ed stared blankly at him for a moment, as if, now that they were both naked and standing in the middle, he hadn’t a clue what they were meant to do. He might have kept doing that for the foreseeable future in fact, but Alfons really didn’t think it was a productive idea. Before he could talk himself out of it, he moved closer, pressing a hesitant kiss against Ed’s lips.

That was all the prodding Edward needed. He nudged against Alfons until they were stumbling back towards the table. Metal and flesh hands groped at his hips, pressing forward until they came to a stop. Alfons moved his arms behind his back, curling his hands around the table’s edge for balance as Edward assaulted his lips and jaw and throat with unpracticed bites and kisses.

He hardly noticed the way Edward was gravitating downward until a warm, wet tongue flicked across his nipple. He jumped and gasped, and was starting to think that maybe that felt sort of good, but Ed had lost interest, moving on. Edward’s hair brushed against his belly until he snorted at the ticklish sensation.

Only when Edward sank to his knees with a jarring thud of his metal leg did Alfons grasp the reality of their situation. He watched his roommate in anticipation, as Edward eyed his cock like it might jump out and bite him. Alfons watched, astonished and a wanting and a little bit turned on by the way Ed’s tongue slipped out between his lips.

Finally, Ed closed his eyes, slowly craning his neck forward. Alfons cock bumped his nose, and Edward made a small, irritated sound, suspiciously like a growl. He tried again with the same result, and finally let go of Alfons’ hip with his flesh and blood hand to wrap it unceremoniously around Alfons’ cock, holding it still. He still looked a bit wary at it, but with a deep, determined breath, he stuck out his tongue, swiping the flat of it across the head.

What happened next made all the torture of the last few weeks entirely worth it. Very slowly, Edward opened his mouth, curling his lips around Alfons’ cock. He bobbed his head forward, all the while staring down his nose at the thing. Alfons breath quickened, and he couldn’t help the knee jerk reaction to rock his hips, pressing further into the warm wetness of Edward’s mouth.

Edward backed away, spluttering and coughing and very nearly falling over. He glared up at Alfons, sighing irritably through his nose. “The hell are you trying to do? Choke me to death?”

“I… I couldn’t help it. You’re the one who thought it would be a good idea to put your mouth all over me!” Alfons argued, waving his arms in an expressive gesture he’d inevitably picked up from Edward.

“I didn’t think you were going to try to kill me, or I wouldn’t have,” Ed shouted, but it was actually sort of hard to take him seriously, no matter how grumpy he was, when he was sitting naked and pouty on the floor.

“I’m sorry? I’ll try not to do it again,” Alfons said in a placating tone, already missing the feel of Ed’s mouth on him.

Edward did not seem very placated. He glared at Alfons with narrowed eyes, lips pursed as he considered the apology. Slowly, his lips curled upward, offering a dangerous, toothy smile. “S’okay. You can make it up to me.”

At that point, Alfons was fairly certain he’d do anything, up to and including all of Ed’s half of the chores for the next year if he’d just do that thing with his mouth again. He nodded hastily, swallowing hard in anticipation. “Anything.”

“Anything?” Ed’s grin widened, and before Alfons could register that this was probably a terribly idea, those lips were back around his cock. Any chance to argue had passed, because the wetness that had been sort of terrible in the form of kisses, was distractingly amazing for… whatever it was Ed was doing to him.

It seemed that Ed was a quicker study at this than he’d been at kissing, or maybe it was just easier to do. Alfons’ head fell back and he closed his eyes, drinking it all in. Lips and tongue worked over the length of his cock, and he only just barely managed not to move.

When Ed’s finger joined Alfons’ cock in his mouth, Alfons didn’t think much of it. It did little to interfere with the attention Ed was giving him, and it was gone almost immediately. He groaned appreciatively when Ed’s hand cupped his balls, the pressure light and fleeting. Some part of him noticed the way Ed’s fingers inched further back, but it was drowned out by the way Ed seemed to have sorted out at that particular moment, how to swallow him whole.

Ed fell into some semblance of rhythm, already dragging Alfons dangerously close to release. Alfons’ hands clutched at the edge of the table, sure that any moment now he was going to collapse right there. His knees wobbled a bit, and he pushed his feet further apart to compensate, apparently giving Ed all the invitation he required. The finger that had recently been in Ed’s mouth slid behind his balls, teasing for a moment before slipping inside.

Alfons choked on a breath, very nearly jerking away. Only fear that he was going to end up bitten or worse kept him still. Not sure what else to do, he tugged urgently on Ed’s hair to get his attention.

“Ow, ow, what?” Ed hissed, pulling away to glare up him.

“What…are you… Don’t do that,” Alfons said frantically, trying very carefully to wriggle away.

“Oh, relax,” Ed muttered. “I’m not going to hurt you. I know what I’m doing.” The whole idea is to make sex not hurt.”

Alfons blinked, letting out a startled sound as Ed pressed the finger further into him. He tried to find words to argue, but there were lips on his cock again, and that was distracting. By the time he had gathered enough coherence together to tell Ed to stop because it hurt, it actually didn’t hurt at all. It was odd and awkward, but not painful.

Bit by bit, Alfons managed to relax. He was surprised to find that the more he did, the better it felt. Ed’s finger crooked oddly, the movements haphazard until he hit something that made Alfons shudder, letting out a soft, pleasured sound.

“Told you I wasn’t going to hurt you,” Ed grumbled. Alfons was almost, almost ready to concede that he’d been right after all. Ed, though, started to press a second finger inside of him, very quickly changing Alfons’ mind.

“H…have you ever actually done this before?” Alfons managed to stammer out, distracting Edward enough that he stopped prodding quite so uncomfortably.

Ed chewed his lip thoughtfully for a moment before answering. “Well… no, but so what? I know what I’m doing.”

“You’re not the one getting jabbed half to death,” Alfons complained, glaring irritably at Edward. He’d done a lot of fantasizing about Ed in various states of undress and sorts of activities. This absolutely did not match up.

“Hey, you said you’d do anything if I didn’t stop,” Ed pointed out, though he hesitated. His lips turned down, brows furrowing as he tried to come up with some sort of solution.

“Well… I don’t think spit is enough. It…it isn’t slick enough,” Alfons said, trying to be helpful since he was fairly certain there was no way to get out of this that he’d be allowed to live down. He sighed in relief when Edward’s expression brightened, and he pulled his fingers away, leaving Alfons entirely.

“Where are you going?” Alfons asked, watching Ed pad across the kitchen. Naked hips swayed with each step, and if he hadn’t been so worried that this was all going to end very, very badly, the sight would have been actually quite appealing.

“Getting something to make it more slick,” Ed explained, rolling his eyes as if that should have actually been very obvious. Alfons’ eyes widened as Ed pulled a bottle of oil from the cabinet.

Ed returned after a moment, surveying the situation, and looking Alfons over. He glanced at the table, and then at Alfons again, motioning for him to follow. “I don’t think it’s gonna work like that. Come on.”

For lack of any good argument at this point, Alfons followed Ed. They stopped at the door to his room, and Ed flung it open, gesturing vaguely to his bed. It didn’t promise to make this hurt any less, but at least the mattress was softer than the table. Alfons let himself be nudged back onto it, finding it slightly easier to relax as Ed’s mouth clamped over his.

Alfons breathed hard through his nose as Ed kissed him. It wasn’t as awful before, less teeth and more just lips that nudged at his. He was almost disappointed when those lips gravitated away from his mouth, instead assaulting his jaw and throat.

He was so wrapped up in the feel of Ed’s mouth on his skin, he didn’t really notice the clumsy way Ed coated his fingers with the cooking oil. Ed nudged Alfons’ thighs apart with his knee, and there was a brief negotiation as he settled between them. More carefully than before, Ed worked one, and then a second finger inside.

“Better?” Ed asked, looking just a bit unsure.

Alfons closed his eyes, focusing on the feel of it. It no longer stung, and though the sensation was foreign, it didn’t hurt, actually beginning to feel a bit good when Ed moved his hand. He nodded his head, “Better.”

Perhaps the trip to Ed’s bedroom had lent some sort of gravity to the situation. Maybe it just gave Ed a chance to calm his nerves. Whatever the case, he was a little less frantic, and Alfons could only appreciate that. By the time Ed decided it was safe to press in with a third finger, it didn’t hurt at all, and every once in a while, he’d hit that spot again that sent sparks down Alfons’ spine.

“Do… you think that’s enough?” Ed asked, and for a moment Alfons hadn’t the foggiest idea what he was talking about. He figured it out after a moment, and he wanted to say no, but Ed looked so nervous himself that the words wouldn’t stick. Against his better judgment, he nodded his head.

Edward took a moment to slick himself up with the oil. He hissed appreciatively through his teeth, making a delicious, needy sound as his fingers slid along his cock. Alfons watched as Ed clamped his eyes shut, scooting closer until he could press inside.

It burned, though not nearly as bad as Alfons expected. Ed trembled with the effort it took not to move once he was fully sheathed, panting as he rested his forehead against Alfons’ shoulder. Much to Alfons’ surprise, the burning slowly ebbed, leaving him only feeling very full.

“Can… I move?” Ed’s voice was almost lost, as if now, when it came down to it, he really was worried about Alfons too. Alfons gave him a shaky nod, and Ed pulled almost all the way out. He groaned, low and needy as he pressed back in.

It was awkward and slow, but eventually they managed to move together. Ed’s hips rocked against Alfons, edging on frantic. He let out a string of curses, interspersed with Alfons’ name. Just when Alfons thought he was going to end up left behind, Ed seemed to remember him, and wrapped a hand around his cock, pumping in time with his thrusts.

It didn’t take long. Caught between Ed moving inside of him, and the fingers around him, Alfons came hard against his belly and Ed’s. He moaned in pleasure, burying his face against Ed’s neck, clinging desperately to his roommate’s hips. Ed hissed as Alfons’ body tightened around him, thrusting once more before he trembled with release.

There was something rather satisfying about the feel of Ed’s body slumped heavily against his. It was awkward and uncomfortable, and he batted at Ed’s side until his roommate got the point and pulled free. Ed’s prosthetic hand draped heavily over him, and long bits of blond hair tickled his nose. It was nothing like he’d daydreamed about at all, but as Ed nuzzled sleepily against his neck, he thought maybe it was just as good.
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