Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

When Falling

Title: When Falling
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Ed/Riza
Author: inugrlrayn
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I wrote this for a prompt over at the kinkmeme. The request was Ed/Riza "Ed is more grown up than they think". It was too much fun to write not to go ahead and post. XD
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or any of its characters.

The rest of my fics are here.

Before, he had been little more than a name and a red coat to her, a boy in need of constant herding. Before, he had been a boy who was loud and obnoxious, and frequently more than his fair share of trouble. Before he had done a lot of growing up, just in time to disappear, leaving a curiously empty space behind. Before is hard to remember, now.

Edward was back, a shadow the boy they remembered. He became something more than a tool, making friends and becoming truly a part of their little team. Gone was the red coat and leather, long since replaced by muted colors, a fitted vest that suited him well, showing off the lean, muscular young man he’d become. Being the exception to most rules seemed to be a quality that never left him, and no one pressed the issue. Eventually, all on his own, he came in in a uniform, grinning at the silence, even more the collective gasp that broke it as the rest of Roy’s team noticed him. He shrugged off their questions, but his lips tilted in a smile that edged on something beyond friendly when he noticed her looking at him.

The day passed without incident, though Riza noticed she’d gotten a bit less done today than she would have liked. It hardly mattered, she supposed, as she had nowhere else to be, and only an empty apartment to go home to. Slowly, the office cleared as she tried to get caught up, and even the brigadier general was finished and out the door before she thought to make sure he’d done his own work.

“It’s nearly seven, you know,” Ed’s voice startled her, breaking the monotonous ticking of the clock on the wall.

“I have things to do,” she replied evenly. Her eyes flicking upward of their own accord. The jacket gone, Ed still cut quite a fine figure, his white button down shirt barely concealing what lay beneath. He tipped his head to the side, ponytail flicking his shoulder, tendrils of gold dripping down its front, and Riza was suddenly struck by the desire to touch it, to see if it was every bit as soft and silken as it appears to be.

Only when he cleared his throat did she realize she was staring again, entranced by lips that curled upwards with far more conviction than they ever did in that great big before. “Do you want some help?”

“Certainly. You can file these.” Riza’s hands and lips moved on their own, almost certainly in league with her traitorous eyes. Ed took the files before she could gather her thoughts enough to change her mind. His fingers brushed the back of her hand, drawing forth a shiver that rumbled down her spine, and if not for the way he watched her, apple juice eyes shining behind his bangs, she’s have thought it accidental.

“Thank you,” she murmured, the silence around them hushing her voice.

“Sure, anytime.” Edward stepped away to the cabinet, neatly filing the folders she’d given him. Her head turned, following his steps before she shook it, forcing herself to return to her paperwork.

Between the two of them, everything was finished far more quickly than she could have done alone. At seven-thirty she gathered her things, starting when Ed held out her jacket, dangled from his fingers so that she could simply slip her arms into the sleeves. She hesitated briefly before doing just that.

It seemed strangely natural that he walked beside her down the hall. He truly had grown into himself, in many ways. He would never be tall, but he met her eye when he turned to look at her as he spoke. There was a grace and confidence in his step that was more than bravado, something beyond what he’d possessed as a broken teenager.

They spoke of things that did not matter, conversation that kept them close together as the marble floors clicked against their heels, traded for concrete as they reached the pavement. The evening air was comfortable and cool, tugging at stray bits of hair that had begun to fall from the clip at the back of her head. She might have ignored it altogether, but flesh and blood fingers reached up, brushing the errant strands from her eyes and tucking them behind her ear.

“Have you had dinner?” Ed’s voice cut into the strange reverie Riza had found herself lost in.

“I was working all evening. I haven’t had the time,” she replied, and Edward looked so incredibly pleased by the revelation that she couldn’t help returning the bright grin he gave her.

“Let me buy you dinner, then,” Ed asked, in a voice that was hopeful and happy and left little room to say no.

“Are you asking me on a date?” Riza countered, unsure of what to make of any of it.

To Edward’s credit, he only very briefly hesitated. If he was feeling any less than entirely confident, it did not show through when he replied, “Does that bother you?”

He seemed genuinely interested, in her reply, in her as a person. It was refreshingly different, and it didn’t take long for her to settle on an answer. “No.”

Ed’s eyes crinkled at the edges, genuinely pleased as he gestured for her to come with him. She thought for a moment that he might take her hand, but if he had intended to, he thought better of it. He only fell into step beside her, close without touching.

Dinner quickly became dinner and drinks and pleasant conversation. The restaurant was quiet and dimly lit. The light from the oil lamp on the table only punctuated the way Edward had softened around the edges, and he fairly glowed in it. Whatever happened to him in the place that he’d been, he was not the boy she kept expecting to find.

Ed listened, really and truly, in ways he never would have in the years before. Luminous, golden eyes were fixed on her face, taking in everything she said as if nothing else in the world existed. When he spoke, it was genuine and easy, nothing practiced or smooth like the men she was used to, but perfect all the same. Riza found herself rather sorry when the server dropped off their check, loathe to relinquish his company.

Ed waved her off when she offered to take the check, fixing her with a faint pout when she pressed the issue. She didn’t want to give, but he was hard to argue with, and the smile he flashed at her afterwards was more than worth the concession. He was blessedly innocent about it all, sweet and unassuming, and for a moment she hardly recognized him.

Ed held out a hand to her the way he hadn’t earlier. It was the most blatant thing he’d done all night. There was no demand in it, even now, and when she did not immediately take it, be began to pull back. She wasn’t sure what made her reach out, but his fingers were warm as they slipped through hers. It was comfortable and easy, and she found herself smiling back when he glanced at her as they left the restaurant and headed down the sidewalk.

Ed seemed content to be walking beside her, hardly saying a word for a long time. Only when he caught her staring up at the stars did a bit of the young man she recognize expose itself. He helpfully pointed out constellations, naming off stars with a rapt sort of interest he reserved mostly for the books he was always buried in. He seemed so focused, and his voice was soft and lilting and pleasant to listen to, that she didn’t have the heart to stop him.

It happened so quietly, Riza hardly noticed that Ed had walked her all the way home until they were standing at the door to her apartment building. He squeezed her hand before letting his fingers slip away, leaving hers feeling strangely bereft. His tongue slipped out between his lips the way it sometimes did when he was concentrating on what he was reading. When she’d had time or inclination to notice, she wasn’t sure, but then, Ed always did have a tendency to surprise. He smiled at her one last time, faltering only very slightly as he spoke. “Well… goodnight. I’ll see you… Monday.”

“Thank you for a lovely evening, Edward,” Riza murmured, her heart clenching a bit at the terribly fond look he gave her. He waited for her to unlock her apartment door before turning on his heel to go, ponytail bobbing merrily behind him. Suddenly, she found herself very much wishing he would stay, if only a little bit longer. He was just stepping off her porch when she blurted out, “Would you like to come in? I could make you coffee or something.”

“Sure,” Ed replied, back up the steps and beside her before she’d even made it inside to hold the door for him. He followed her in, standing patiently as she flipped on the living room light. He seemed content enough to sit with her in the kitchen while she started a pot of coffee. The conversation was light, easy enough that it hardly seemed to matter if she found herself wondering again about how all that thick, golden hair would feel sliding between her fingers.

The coffee finished and they found themselves on the living room couch, hardly caring that the clock on the wall chimed eleven. The light made Ed’s eyes shine like embers, leaving Riza to wonder how exactly she’d not noticed this before. For all that he’d been an attractive kid, awkward and fierce by turns, he was absolutely stunning now. Whatever had happened to him while he was gone, he came back collected and poised and just barely soft around the edges.

Riza simply did not do these sorts of things. She never took men home. She did not associate with much of anyone from the office one on one. She certainly didn’t involve herself with young men so many years her junior. The things she didn’t do all meant nothing when, just like her attention, just like her eyes, her lips seemed hopelessly attracted to Ed.

When she leaned in to kiss him, some shadow of the boy Edward had once been showed through. He made a soft, startled sound, and she could just barely make out the scarlet flush that crept across his cheeks before her eyes slid shut. He froze for a moment, but did not pull away as her lips brushed over his.

All at once, Ed seemed to remember himself. He hesitated briefly before reaching out, bleeding life into the kiss she offered him. Metal fingers curled delicately at the base of her spine and his human hand cupped her jaw, tipping her head to the side just a touch more. His lips moved over hers like nothing else in the world existed, as if he could pour his entire soul into such a simple act.

There was something innocent, eternally young about the way Ed approached this. His tongue flicked playfully against her lips, urging them apart. Any whispers at the back of her mind about first dates or co-workers or proper behavior fell silent in the face of the energy and life he directed at her. Riza was helpless but to give, a victim of gentle mismatched hands and lips that threatened to devour in their intensity.

Edward was absolutely contagious. Little by little, everything slipped away but the smooth, wet feel of Ed’s tongue against hers, and the electricity of his fingers tracing the knobs of her spine through her shirt. Despite his restraint, never pushing for what she didn’t offer first, there was an enthusiasm that made her feel like she was the only person in the world that mattered to him right now.

Giving completely, Riza wrapped her arms around Ed’s lithe frame. He was warm and vibrant beneath her palms, and she inched closer, hardly realizing that her knees were caging Ed’s thighs until she could feel his heart hammering in time with her own. It was highly out of the ordinary, and she couldn’t find it in her to care as she pressed closer, noting the quivering sigh the trembled through Ed’s chest.

Ed’s ponytail brushed enticingly at the back of her hand and it seemed only natural to pluck the tie from it. Long, golden strands fanned out across his shoulders, and she couldn’t resist burying her hands in it, reveling in the way the thick locks slipped between her fingers. Ed gave an appreciative murmur, that shivered and deepened when she drew her lips away from his to kiss and nibble at his throat.

It was damnably easy to be lost in the moment where Ed was concerned. Riza wasn’t certain when kissing on the couch had turned into stumbling down the hall in a flurry of kisses and laughter and shed clothes scattered across the floor. She couldn’t help the amused smile that wormed its way across her lips as Ed struggled to kick his boots off without letting go of her. The pants came next, though she was too distracted by his lips to notice the way he nearly tripped over them as they pooled around his ankles.

His vest and her military jacket long since left behind, Riza gasped at the feel of mismatched fingers slipping beneath the hem of her undershirt. She let it be pulled up over her head, smiling at the faint blush that crept across Ed’s cheeks like only now had he considered the fact that taking her clothes off would leave her mostly naked beneath. She reached out, plucking at the buttons of his shirt, and that seemed enough to pull Edward from whatever trance he was in. He deftly pulled the clasp of her pants loose and pinned her against the wall, covering her lips with his. They only barely managed to not crash into her bedroom door, and there were a few wobbling steps before they tumbled in a heap on her bed.

Edward had been many things before. Now, he was painfully intelligent and more attentive than she’d have ever given him credit for, and playful like he had absolutely nothing to lose. Metal and flesh fingers slid upward along her sides, pausing to trace the outline of her bra. He thumbed idly at the satin, grinning at the breathless gasp that seeped from her lips as he found her nipples through the fabric. She arched upward against him, giving Ed the room he needed to unhook her bra.

Warm fingers slid lazily down her spine, settling at the small of her back. Ed dropped teasing kisses at the corners of her mouth until she couldn’t help but chase his lips with her own. He was intoxicating without even meaning to be, all warmth and barely contained energy. Her hands cupped the knobs of his hips, eliciting soft, pleased sounds that only drew her further in.

Ed’s movements were not those of a boy with no idea what he was doing. His fingers dragged over her belly until she shivered, brushing teasingly against the cotton fabric of her panties. He’d hardly done anything at all and already she was panting expectantly, a victim of his playful enthusiasm. She closed her eyes and drank it in, lips against her neck and his weight settled over her. He was all lean muscle and smooth metal, liquid gold and silver in the dim streetlamps that shone through the curtains.

Edward, Edward, Edward His name was a litany that tumbled through her mind, punctuated by the flick of a tongue over the swell of her breasts. She was glad the boy he’d been was such a distant memory now, obliterated by the way he wormed his hand beneath the elastic of her underwear, expertly teasing her folds apart like there was nothing out of the ordinary about the whole thing. He blinked in what might have been surprise, and she wondered if perhaps this was as much bravado as actual experience.

There was no time to dwell on the idea. Two of Ed’s fingers sank easily inside of her, pumping in and out a few times. She gasped at his touch and the way he was mouthing quite distractingly at her breasts, teeth grazing lightly against a nipple. Riza buried her hands in his hair, nearly as long as her own and dripping down over his shoulders to tickle her bare skin.

If Ed didn’t know exactly what he was doing, he had a very good idea. He withdrew his fingers, warm and slick to rub lightly against her clit until she arched in pleasure. He was devoted and attentive, missing nothing as he watched her, the spastic thudding of her heart against her chest, the way her lips parted as she tried to catch her breath.

It was only then that Riza realized he seemed to have ignored his own needs entirely in his fervor to make her feel good. She reached out, cupping him through his boxers. Edward trembled against her, a soft groan muffled by his mouth against her skin. She hooked her fingers in the waistband, just barely making out a flush of crimson across the bit of his cheek she could see. He did not stop her, though, holding still as she pulled the last of his clothing down over his hips.

Edward seemed to forget his own embarrassment as she wrapped her hand around his length. He let out a stuttered gasp, his eyes looking a bit glazed, staring at nothing in particular. He remembered himself after a moment, playfully nudging at her hips until she lifted them. Edward grinned at her from behind his hair, a bright flash of teeth catching in the light from outside as he slid her underwear down her legs and let them fall at the side of the bed.

There were rules Riza followed in her personal life as much as her career. She did not fall into bed on a first date, and did that even qualify as a date when Ed had been nearly as haphazard about it as he was about everything else? She was a poster child for decorum. She was careful. She was laughing as Ed nibbled at her ear, whispering words she couldn’t quite make out but loved all the same.

She’d half expected him to ask, but she found herself glad when he didn’t. Once he’d sorted out that she was not, in fact, planning to hit him for this, he had stopped being hesitant. She liked this side of him, the young man who memorized her body with that same single minded focus he directed on everything he cared about. He did it with a fleeting pleased sort of grin she was sure he never directed at his alchemy texts. It was marred only by the way he plundered her mouth.

Edward fell onto so many lists of things she did not do, and yet she could not muster even the guilt she was sure she should be feeling as he pressed inside of her. His movements were smooth and sure, and the shaky moan they drew from her lips were muffled against his. His kisses were slow, distracting, as if he meant to prove that nothing mattered beyond the warmth of his mouth over hers, the press of him inside of her. And perhaps he was right because bit by bit, everything beyond their bed seemed to melt away into the ether.

She wished it could have lasted forever, but eventually the steady rocking of Ed’s hips faltered. He pressed his face against the side of her throat, trembling with the effort it took to hang onto his last shreds of self control. He supported his weight on his automail, and reached with human fingers to curl around her hand. Edward disentangled her fingers from the bed sheets, guiding it between them, and for a moment he stared down at her, all lust clouded eyes and parted, panting lips. She got his meaning, though, touching herself as he moved inside of her and Ed crumbled in what might have been relief, frantic kisses dragging down the side of her neck.

“Riza.” She was fairly certain Ed had never called her by her first name, certainly never drawn out and purred quite like that. She found herself struggling to hang onto any coherence, her fingers frantic as Ed dragged her over the edge. He shuddered hard against her, teeth sinking into the column of her throat as she rose up to meet him, her body tightening down around him. The lack of light in the room did nothing to dull the sparks that exploded behind her eyes, and she cried out, the nails of her free hand scrabbling down Ed’s spine.

Perhaps it ought to have been awkward. There should have been the afterwards to sort out, if Ed would stay, but it seemed only natural to roll over almost nose to nose with him. His expression was lazy and sweet and he did not so much as hesitate before draping his human arm over her side. He’d left them all still so much a boy, but every shred of the child he’d been receded when he leaned in to kiss her, all soft lips and teasing tongue. He clutched her body against his chest just enough to drag the blankets up around them, pulling them both into comfortable slumber.

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  • Take Two

    Title: Take Two Author: 
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