Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

Five Years In

Title: Five Years In
Author: inugrlrayn
Word Count: 2,654
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Ed/Roy
Prompt: "seme!Ed pr0n and domestic-y goodness with Ed being over 21 - perhaps engaged or married to Roy, but defo been together a long time" for fma_slashfest
 Ed trying to seduce Roy with satin sheets and ridiculous conversation
Warnings: none really, the rating is pretty self explanatory
Notes: Sorry this is late. Sadly, finals wait for no smut.

The rest of my fics are here.

Edward’s ideas often ran the gamut between awful and amazing. Roy had known that getting into this. That said, five years of sharing a house with someone, often coming home to gargoyles in places he was certain they hadn’t been that morning, and once, what had to be the most ridiculous couch in the history of furniture, had a way of hammering the point home. Ed splayed out naked across a bed of black satin sheets was certainly one of his better ideas (so long as Roy ignored that satin sheets really stopped being sexy as soon as one tried to stay in one spot on them).

Well, it was a good idea right up until Ed was babbling, something about a conversation with a coworker giving him the idea. Roy had largely nodded his way through the conversation, content to feast his eyes on a constant reminder of what a lucky, lucky man he was until that point. It was, however, with some measure of alarm that he finally interjected, “I’m not sure I want to know why, exactly, you were discussing our sex life with your assistant.”

Ed stopped dead, staring at Roy like he’d grown an extra head. Roy could pinpoint the moment Ed registered what exactly he’d said because he suddenly looked rather affronted. Scarlet cheeked and glaring at Roy, Ed insisted, “We weren’t talking about that.”

“You just told me she gave you the idea to get naked and all this,” Roy calmly pointed out, waving a hand over the expanse of the bed for emphasis. “What exactly was I supposed to think you were talking about?”

Ed gaped at Roy, flustered and naked and beautiful. “That’s not what we were talking about.”

“It wasn’t?” Roy asked, grinning at Ed, who even after so many years was still entirely too fun to resist teasing.

“No! We were talking about… she was telling me about her boyfriend. The fuck would I be telling Liz about what goes on in the bedroom anyway? It’d be like telling Al or something,” Ed grumbled. It was a lucky thing, Roy decided, that Ed was so distractible, as he hadn’t yet remembered he was naked long enough to be self conscious.

“How, exactly, did you make the jump from Liz’s boyfriend to this, anyway?” And then Ed did remember his state of dress, or lack thereof. He squirmed on the sheets, flushing further, but too proud to just get under the covers.

“He sent her flowers to the lab,” Ed replied, nose squished in distaste, as if that single statement explained everything. “She was going on about how he does stuff like that all the time and I was just kind of thinking I guess we’ve gotten out of that phase where you get all dressed up and do stupid shit like buying flowers all the time.”

“I’m pretty sure we bypassed that phase entirely,” Roy said mildly, almost before he’d really thought about what Ed was saying. Abruptly, he turned his full attention on Ed. “Wait. Are you saying you were trying to do this to impress me?”

“Well I don’t know. I just… we’ve been together forever and I mean, I’m not gonna buy you flowers. I’m not, but I still love you and stuff,” Ed half growled, and Roy suddenly realized he didn’t know anyone else who could make such a theoretically sweet sentiment sound so comically menacing.

“And stuff,” Roy prodded, amusement seeping into his voice. He didn’t bother to point out that Ed’s idea of “forever” was apparently a bit skewed.

“Oh shut up. Here I was trying to do something nice so you wouldn’t be… bored or something, and you’re being an ass,” Ed hissed, and something about his expression reminded Roy remarkably of a cat who’d been dropped in a tub of water or something.

“Bored? Why on earth would you think I was bored?” Roy asked, expression softening a bit as he looked at Ed. “You are a great many things, Edward. Boring is not one of those things. You are actually probably the exact opposite of boring.”

“Yeah but…” The remainder of Ed’s response involved a lot of awkward flailing and mumbling something about how all they did anymore was sit around and “read and junk”. It took some doing, but Roy eventually deciphered that Ed was comparing it to when they’d been new and raw and utterly unable to keep their hands off each other.

“It’s perfectly normal to find you enjoy a person’s company just as much with their clothes on, Ed,” Roy promised. Ed gave him a rather skeptical look, and Roy’s assurances died and rotted on his tongue, a terrifying sort of dread creeping in. “Unless… you’re unsatisfied with us?”

“The hell are you talking about?” Ed demanded. “You’re an idiot. You know that? What part of wanting to fuck you looks like me leaving, anyway?”

The relief in Roy’s face must’ve been apparent, because Ed got up, perching on his knees. He reached across the bed and dragged Roy in by the collar. He kissed Roy, fierce and all consuming, and by the time Roy could breathe long enough to register that Ed was still pulling, he was pinned to the sheets.

Roy put up a token fight, pushing back against the mismatched fingers that threaded through his. Ultimately, the backs of his hands hit the sheets, satin scraping his skin as Ed’s weight held him largely still. Ed’s tongue swiped his mouth, less in request, and more in a very brief warning before pressing his lips apart.

It was the sort of thing Roy could lose himself in. Heaven knew they were busy. He was piecing a country together, one day at a time, and some weeks it seemed like Ed hardly came home from the lab. They’d been at it so long it felt like the closest thing to normal they’d ever get. Then there was this, Ed gorgeous and naked, hips already rocking impatiently against his and they’d barely even started. For all the routine they settled into, this never got old.

Ed’s mouth eventually abandoned Roy’s in favor of his throat, lips and tongue and teeth scraping the pale skin there. Roy noted very distantly that he’d likely be wearing his jacket to work tomorrow. After all, no one needed to see General Mustang sporting a line of bruises down his neck like some love struck teenager. Ed’s teeth dug in at his pulse and Roy bit his lip, arching into the body above him.

Roy’s hands were released as Ed reached instead to pluck demandingly at the buttons of his shirt. Ed seemed quick to follow, nosing beneath the collar of Roy’s shirt to mouth at the crux of his shoulder. Roy shuddered and clutched at the slippery sheets, doing nothing to support the complaints he’d make later about the marks Ed was inevitably leaving behind.

Buttons undone, Ed abruptly moved, and for a moment, Roy thought he was being let up. He tried to sit up, following the way Ed had wriggled himself upright, knees still caging Roy’s thighs. Apparently, all Ed had actually wanted was to get Roy naked. The moment his shirt was off, he was being unceremoniously barreled over once more, Ed’s hands and mouth assaulting his chest.

He’d thought he was being quiet. Lip caught between his teeth, he’d tried at least to stifle the sounds that threatened as Ed made his way downward. It must not have been a completely successful effort, though, because Ed had stopped, grinning at him the way he way he tended to when Roy did something particularly undignified. He might’ve protested, but it would’ve fallen on deaf ears. Ed had long since forgotten about being self conscious, and by now he was usually downright shameless, a fact that often worked in their favor.

At the moment, shameless amounted to waiting until Roy’s mouth was parted on words he never got out before flicking his tongue over a nipple. Roy forgot whatever it was he was going to say in favor of a low moan that stuttered past his lips. Ed’s human hand snaked down Roy’s belly, tugging deftly at the clasp of his pants as Roy wriggled beneath him.

They were picking up entirely too many of each other’s habits, Roy decided, impatiently shifting beneath Ed, who had unfortunately long since discovered the benefits of drawing things out. He tried to urge things along, uncurling his fingers from the sheets, but the moment they made contact with Ed’s skin, they were being batted away, accompanied by a playful, golden eyed glare, “Oh no you don’t. Quit distracting me. You know that shit isn’t even fair.”

Roy wasn’t sure whether to be flattered by the fact that he had such an effect on Ed, or to pout that he’d been relegated to just laying there and letting this happen. Then his pants were being tugged off and it didn’t really matter anyway, because Ed’s breath was warm against his hips, fingers warm and cool over the tops of his thighs as Ed settled between them.

The first flick of Ed’s tongue across the underside of his cock was nothing short of heavenly, and Roy didn’t care anymore about poise or dignity. He only barely fought against the urge to roll his hips forward, and act easily thwarted by Ed’s rather well placed weight against him. Trapped, he drew in a breath as Ed grinned briefly from behind his bangs before sucking him in.

Ed’s focus had never left him, and being the center of it was a truly intoxicating thing. Roy closed his eyes and drank it in, already flushed and panting as Ed’s head bobbed over his length. This was most certainly something to add to the list of things Ed was inexplicably good at, a far cry from the nervous fumbling of the first few times they’d gotten this far. It was warm and wet and steady and Roy murmured in pleasure as he was pressed against the roof of Ed’s mouth.

Ed was gorgeous at the worst of times. Ed naked and sucking him off shot straight down Roy’s belly, and eventually he ventured to prop himself up on his elbows, glassy eyed and already teetering dangerously on edge. The fact that Ed was also watching him was dangerously close to being the hottest thing Roy could remember, and he might have given in right then and there.

Only, Ed inexplicably stopped, pulling away to stare up at Roy from between his legs. He grinned like there was nothing immensely infuriating about this, blurting out before Roy could protest, “We should really get some black sheets that aren’t so… slippy. That’s actually really hot.”

“Eddddd,” Roy whined, flopping back against the bedding. He was so hard it hurt, aching to get off, and Ed was talking about sheets.

“What? It’s a good look for you,” Ed pointed out, shimmying back towards the head of the bed in a fashion that seemed entirely unfair. He had the decency to flush slightly at the admission, probably as much from want as embarrassment judging from the way his length kept bobbing against Roy when he moved. Before Roy could complain or try to flip them over, Ed was reaching to rifle through the night stand drawer, retrieving a small bottle. Well, that was very slightly less unfair, but still. Bed sheets of all things.

Roy’s impatience seemed to be catching, finally. Bottle in hand, Ed retreated towards the foot of the bed, human fingers dragging enticingly down Roy’s belly, ghosting over his length. Just as they were getting somewhere, Ed’s palms skimming up the insides of Roy’s thighs, everything came to a halt once again. Ed stopped entirely brows furrowed at he stared at Roy.

“If this is about the sheets,” Roy grated out in what was probably a rather pitiful warning.

“Huh?” Ed cocked his head to the side, fingers poised damnably close to anywhere Roy really wanted them. “No I was just thinking I don’t know when the last time we did this was. You should stop working late so much.”

“You really want to talk about this now?” Roy all but whined, because he didn’t whine, no matter what Ed said. Never mind that Ed was the one working late a lot of the time. Roy could happily ignore that for the time being if it would get him laid already.

“Alright, fine. I was just saying it’d be nice. I kinda miss you.” It was a nice sentiment, and under other circumstances Roy might’ve responded more eloquently. The fact that it was punctuated by Ed pressing two fingers inside of him, and god, it had been a while, reduced his reply to a low moan and a quiver that ran through the length of his body.

“Fuck,” Ed breathed out, fingers pumping steadily. Roy was vaguely aware he was being watched, but it was hard to care as the initial burn bled away into something better. Ed’s fingers crooked just so, and while Roy didn’t remember exactly when his lover had gotten so good at that, he was more than willing to benefit from it.

Wound up as he was, as Ed always tended to be, Roy wasn’t sure how they made it past that. Eventually though, Ed was pulling his fingers away, trying to nudge Roy onto his hands and knees. Roy wasn’t inclined to argue.

Well, not until he was forced to take the logistics into consideration. It seemed like a good enough idea, and it was hardly the first time. Only every time Ed moved, the slick sheets threatened to make Roy’s knees give out entirely, slipping mercilessly beneath him. Ed was not exactly helping the situation, and by the time Ed was pressing into him, wrapped around him like an Ed shaped vine, Roy gave, ending up sprawled across the bedding.

It should’ve been terrible. It was awkward, and Ed was heavy, weight draped across Roy’s back and shifting with each rock of his hips. Roy could scarcely breathe between Ed and the pillow that kept ending up in his face.

Oh but when he moved. Ed finally let up a bit, leaning into his automail, human fingers skimming Roy’s flank. He still clung a bit, breath coming in warm, harsh gasps against Roy’s shoulder. Roy pressed back as Ed’s hips rolled forward, and while they were decidedly terrible to try and stand on, the sheets were certainly good for something. Each time Ed rocked into him forced Roy forward a bit, satin fabric slipping deliciously against his length. Roy was teetering on the edge again almost before he realized what was happening.

Roy pressed his face into the sheets, muffling the keening sound that wrenched itself from his throat when he came. Ed’s movements behind him were jerky and desperate in a way Roy knew all too well. Ed murmured something that might’ve been his name, shaking as he slumped against Roy’s back.

It was long moments before Roy managed to get Ed to move over, and longer before he really felt like he could breathe again. Rolling to face Ed, he grinned, sated and a little tired. “What were you saying about those sheets?”

“Shut up. I’m sleeping,” Ed mumbled, not even bothering to look up. He did, however, snuggle closer, nuzzling his way under Roy’s chin despite his terseness.

There was something perfect about it all, arms around Ed, shuffling carefully to pull the blankets around them. Roy could hardly believe they’d managed for so long. If one of the bed posts had a rather suspicious dragon perched on it, well, that was worth it for Ed’s heartbeat thudding against his skin, nose pressed to his inevitably already bruising throat. With any luck at all, five years in they were only just scarcely beginning.

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