November 3rd, 2008


Dirge of the Fallen - Part 1 (Hey it has a title now!)

My wordcount as of right now (including what's written of the next chapter): 3,978

Okay, so I came to an important realization this morning. I thrive on feedback. It motivates me way more than deadlines. I don't want to post my daily NaNoing because I always cut off at weird places, though, and I won't be posting this story to comms until I finish all the editing in December.

That being said, this is my alternative. I probably won't be posting every day, but I'm going to put up the unedited versions of the chapters here, for anyone who feels like reading it. I don't know how much the completed version will differ, but probably not a whole lot. The majority of what I post is my first draft anyway. :F

Anyway, I put up the partial first chapter of this the other day. This is it in its entirety. *wanders off to work on her word goal for today*

Title: Dirge of the Fallen - part 1 (Rough draft)
Pairing: Ed/Ed
Rating: Eventual NC-17. PG-13 maybe for this chapter

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