August 14th, 2009


Well, this was a long time in coming

So, I've been meaning to do an actual, honest to goodness post for a while and kept forgetting or being busy or something. I figured since today is my birthday I'd at least make an appearance. XD

Back in... gosh, I think it was May, they promoted me to assistant manager at work, which was awesome except for the being transferred to a store two hours away. Just for the record, 20 hours a week of commuting is not actually much fun after the first day or two. It is especially not fun when you are also going to school.

I was just about to start looking for apartments down that way when the store manager at my old store quit and they brought me back on trial. So I got to pretend to be store manager for a month. By some sort of miracle, they officially promoted me last week. Hooray for being store manager for real now. XD

Speaking of houses, Steve and I looked at an adorable little place (the key word being little). We're going to rent it for a month and if we decide we could stay in it longterm, we're going to be buying it on contract. It's a good deal despite the size and it's in a great neighborhood and it has a yard, which is more than I can say for our current apartment.

The semester was made of epic fail, but I passed with better grades than I was expecting. I'm really looking forward to the semester that starts here in a few weeks. I'm taking world politics, algebra, and creative writing. \o/

Steve's layoff is officially official now, but it works out because he's talking about going back to school and it means one of us is always home with Little Miss. She's a handful, but she's lots of fun and I seriously have no idea what I did with myself before I had her. She's taken to watching FMA:B with me on my laptop. At least she's got good taste. :D

Still working on my theoretically someday going to be finished original story thing. It's a bit slow going because I got 40,000 words in and decided there was a major issue with the plot, so I've kind of scrapped it and I'm starting over. For anyone who cares to know, I am back to writing fanfiction occasionally, though err... not quite as quickly as I used to.

Sorry for the ramble. I was trying to sort out how to cram the last few months of goings on into a post that wouldn't eat everyone's friends list. I probably oversimplified, and I tried to leave out most of the negative stuff.

Hope all is well for everyone. *hugs to all* Sadly, i have to work in a few hours, so it's bed for me.
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