November 12th, 2009


Christmas Cards \o/ Stolen from everyone.

Finally getting around to making my holiday card post, because if I don't do it now, I will inevitably forget. Anyway, you guys know the drill, and if you don't here it is again. :)

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Frequent Questions:

1. I don't celebrate Christmas... Can I still get holiday mail? YES! If you don't celebrate Christmas and still want a card then no worries. The cards are all 'winter' cards anyways.

2. I live over seas; can I still have a card? Yep. I'll send a card to wherever you're at.

3. I wanna send you a card too! Can I have your address? YES!!! I love holiday mail! <333 All types of cards are welcome (Christmas, Winter, Hanukkah, etc).

My address can be obtained by PMing me or by emailing me at

4. I want a card, but I probably won't send you one in return. Can I still have one? Of course! I'm sending out cards because I want to. You aren't obligated to send me one at all. ^__^

5. I sent you my address last year, do I need to send it again? Just to be safe, re-send me your address.
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