April 15th, 2012


BRB stuck on Doctor Who

So, I used to flit from fandom to fandom every few months. Then FMA happened, and I've been here for five years, give or take. Not that I didn't enjoy other shows from time to time, but nothing pulls at me like FMA.

Except, apparently, Doctor Who. I've been kind of weaving writing Who fic in between chapters of FMA fic, but it's been a bit silly the last few days, sort of like...

Me: Okay, whofic is done, time to work on Broken Little Things.

Master: Well, except you could write this other thing.

Me: No, I should totally write FMA right now.

Master: Actually, you want to write this other thing.

Me: I just finished a Dr. Who fic. It's not your turn.

Master: They're all my turn.

Me: ...typical

That said, I really am working on part six for Broken Little Things. It should be up in the next few days I imagine <33

Also why don't I have a Doctor Who icon of any sort?