October 3rd, 2020


Master Fic List

Here is, I think a list of my fics to date.

For the record ** means that it's new, or at least new to the fic list.

Edit (4/2/10): Alright, so I didn't like the # setup. As opposed to completely tearing down all the stories I wrote and don't like, I've revamped the list. It's now mostly in alphabetical order instead of by pairing, and the older stuff that I didn't like has been moved to a slush pile at the bottom. You're still welcome to read of course. It was mostly just for my peace of mind.

Edit (7/17/10):My apologies to anyone it matters to. I just realized there were a few fics I totally missed adding from last year. I just fixed it. <3 Hope Unfounded, Sunday Morning and When Falling are "new" but not actually new. The rest marked with ** are actually recent. XD On a side note, "Keeping Secrets" is getting it's own section between one-shots and multiparts because what was supposed to be a one-shot became two one-shots and now a bunch of separate fics that all happen to go together, kind of like Doubleverse.

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