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Stained Glass Windows

Title: Stained Glass Windows
Pairing: EdxRoy
Rating: G or maybe PG
Summary: Drabble for the fanfic challenge "Gimme a Kiss" Ed daydreams about the kiss that made him fall in love with Roy Mustang.

Ed shook his head trying to clear his thoughts as Roy Mustang turned to leave. He was still dizzy. God, the man could kiss. Three years together and those lips still took his breath away.

Someone ought to erect a church to worship those lips. He could almost imagine it, decked out in marble tile. Vaulted ceilings reaching for heaven. Stained glass windows.

Definitely stained glass windows. They were so like his kisses after all, soft and bright to let the light in though they colored everything he saw.

Idly, he wondered when it was he’d succumbed to this. He could have sworn up and down, not so very long ago even, that he despised that man with every shard of his soul.

It wasn’t their first kiss that did it. No, that had been sloppy and on the verge of violent, both torn between shoving each other away and clinging for dear life. Honestly, he was pretty sure the first one was an accident. After all, Mustang had been injured pretty badly and downright delirious when Ed had first really held him, terrified that the bastard might really die there after dragging the blonde off to war, forcing him away from his brother when he’d just gotten home.

Though he’d always secretly cared for the man, secret to himself even, except in the most dire of situations, the next kiss they shared had sent him reeling. It was then that he knew that this was where he belonged, and he had no hope of ever leaving Roy’s side.

A week had past since the day Roy had almost died, and Ed had decided it was his responsibility to keep the other man out of trouble, which he did quite effectively by standing constant guard. What had begun as duty became a grudging friendship over the time that followed. It still hadn’t prepared him for what came next.

He couldn’t really remember anymore what had led up to him bending over like that, his lips inches from Roy’s. Adjusting a pillow or something maybe. Maybe reaching for the bottle of whiskey he had learned to love. Whatever it was just didn’t seem important now.

All Edward remembered anymore was the touch of soft lips feathering against his own. It had startled him but not enough to pull away. Not that he could have. It just felt too good. As Roy moved his mouth against Ed’s, the blonde was reminded of fire and water, wind and earth, as if it were some blessed fifth element. It was all he managed as his thoughts were swept away. The flame alchemist’s tongue swept across his bottom lip, beckoning it to open, and Ed found himself mindlessly complying. He allowed Roy to explore every crevice of his mouth, delighting in the fact that Roy’s lips felt like velvet. He thought he might fall into oblivion if not for those fingers running the length of his spine, sending pleasured shivers through his body.

Two hands worked to untie his braid, fanning the golden locks and were eventually buried in the silken strands. None of that mattered. All there was was that soft touch against his mouth, surprisingly chaste, yet terribly needy. It held all the world in front of him at arms length, tempting him to reach out and tumble into ecstatic oblivion.

Ed grinned, dragging himself from reverie, a hand lightly pressed to his mouth as he entered Roy’s office. Roy cocked his head at the younger man, watching in amusement as Fullmetal tried to school the corners of his mouth on the finer points of listening to the brain that’s supposed to control them. Finally, he gave in, looking directly at Roy.

“Is there a reason you’re here Ed, or did you just decide that one kiss wasn’t enough for now?”

“No, it’s nothing like that. I came to make a minor adjustment to your office,” Ed didn’t wait for a response, pressing his fingers to the walls. Okay, so maybe there was no marble floor, instead they were hard wood. In place of an alter sat an old oak desk. There were no pews, only a highly comfortable leather couch. There were, however, very nice stained glass windows.

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