Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

RoyxEd fluff

Title: Experiments in Sensitivity
Pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Nope... don't own FMA.
Notes: Set in the I Hate You universe. Dedicated to my dear and wonderful tsu because she is totally worth blowing off my other projects to write fluffy RoyxEd porn for. I LOVE YOU TSU!!

He looked so happy like that, sprawled across the bed in boxers and a t-shirt, one hand hiking said shirt up to reveal a beautifully toned stomach, the other resting on his pelvis, just inches from where his cock probably lay beneath the fabric. Legs spread across the mattress, one dangling off the bed. His head lay to the side on the pillow, no worry lines creasing his forehead for once, the only object marring his beauty was the drool threatening to assault Roy’s pillow.

Perfect. Roy grinned mischievously, finishing the task of drying his hair before tossing the towel away. Time to test that theory of his.

Roy adjusted his bathrobe before reclining on the bed, rolling on his side to regard Edward. The younger man slept soundly, completely unaware that he was under assault. He only twitched in his sleep as a warm hand splayed across his bare stomach, sliding over muscle. He was blissfully oblivious to how close Roy’s fingers came to more intimate parts of his body.

The older man pressed against Ed’s side, encouraging him to shift onto his side. The blonde’s eyes fluttered weakly and he tossed in his sleep, ending up rolled over with his head resting on Roy’s shoulder, golden hair spilling over both of them.

Absolutely perfect.

He worked his fingers over a formerly metal shoulder, garnering a shiver from the his sleeping companion. Roy grinned, allowing his touch to linger there for a moment before his palm slipped down over Ed’s arm.

Roy had learned long ago his lover slept through everything. He’d also noticed that the newly human arm and leg were exceptionally sensitive. Just how sensitive they were remained to be seen.

Without further ado, Roy grasped Ed’s hand in his own, bringing the warm palm to his mouth. He pressed his lips to it, raining butterfly kisses along the underside of Ed’s fingers. The hand trembled against his mouth along with the rest of his lover, slowly being dragged from slumber.

“Oooooh,” Ed moaned, eyes fluttering open in surprise as Mustang pulled a single finger into his mouth, closing lips and tongue firmly around the digit. He let his teeth scrape ever so slightly along it as he pulled Ed’s hand from his mouth, smirking at the gasp this elicited.

“Wha…what are you doing?” Ed murmured sleepily.


Ed was far too sleep and shock addled to argue, simply watching in awe as Roy’s breath washed over the finger he’d been sucking on, reminding of something else that would feel good.

He was just about to say as much when Roy brought his mouth forward, sucking in two fingers this time. Ed gasped, squirming in the most delightful way against the mattress. Doing something to one’s hands had no business feeling this good.

Ed growled as heat pooled in his groin. He wanted to be irritated. This wasn’t fair! God, did it feel good though, and he forgot to complain as lips and teeth and tongue worked their way back over his palm, nipping at the pulse point on his wrist.

“F…fuck,” Ed stammered, head flopping back against the pillow. He was so hard it hurt and Roy hadn’t even done anything yet! The older man seemed all too happy to continue, lips pressing gently to the sensitive flesh on the underside of his arm.

“That’s the idea,” the older man grinned against Ed’s arm.

The younger alchemist tried to scowl, but the expression was quickly washed from his face as Roy sucked on the inside of his elbow. There was no way he should be enjoying this! Such mundane places… Honestly, who in their right mind was turned on by having their wrists nibbled?

“Damn…” Ed trembled as teeth grazed his shoulder, sinking into the skin in all the right places. The fabric of his shirt softened the impact, leaving him breathless.

It was maddening, the way firm kisses pressed up his neck, behind his ear, teeth finding and pulling at an earlobe. Ed gasped and mewled as Roy sucked at his ear, tongue worming it’s way around the edge. It was so much and not nearly enough, driving him crazy and he wanted, needed, had to have more.

He shook like a leaf , gasping as Roy’s hand drifted down his chest, catching the hem of his shirt. There wasn’t much to the fabric, but it was far too much, smothering Ed as he lost himself in Roy’s touches.

He barely noticed as the fabric was pulled from his torso, over his arms and head as he leaned up. He was only aware that he was still aflame, the heat of fabric choking him quickly replaced by blazing skin on skin as Roy shifted above him.

Finally, finally he was close enough to touch, Ed’s erection straining against his boxers as he squirmed beneath his companion, struggling for just a little bit of friction. Roy said nothing, though both hands skimmed down the smaller man’s sides, stopping at his hips to pin the blonde in place.

He was so close and damn it wasn’t fair. Why wouldn’t he just touch him already? Hot breath washed over his face, warm lips descending teasingly over his. Those hands were still on his hips and he wouldn’t move them just a little closer, or release him to move of his own volition.

“Roooooyyyy,” the word was half whined, half a sulky, lust-filled moan as Roy busied himself with teeth on Ed’s bottom lip, finally allowing one hand to inch closer to the younger man’s groin.

Mustang smiled against Ed’s lips as his fingers found Ed’s length, pressing up it through the thin, cotton boxers. The blonde arched off the bed, nearly howling in surprise and pleasure. With a violent shudder, he forced himself to relax as Roy rubbed against him through the fabric.

“Oh…ohhhhhhh,” Ed moaned softly, eyes bleary and clouded, unable to focus as Roy’s mouth drew away from his, trailing kisses down his jaw and neck. He gasped a little as the older man’s teeth nipped at his throat and beyond, gravitating down his chest and stomach.

Roy couldn’t help but smile, mouthing Ed’s length through his boxers, as golden eyes shut tight, tiny, pleasured sounds seeping from his lips. He shifted deliciously beneath his lover, arching up against him as much as Roy would permit. The larger man nibbled lightly on him through the fabric and Ed was entirely sure he’d died and gone to heaven.

The dark haired man paused, dark eyes focusing on Ed through his bangs as he pulled the younger man’s boxers down over his hips. It was only then that the formerly half metal young man realized they hadn’t even done anything yet!

Some part of his brain wondered what time it was, but the thought was quickly lost as Roy’s tongue stroked him from base to tip. It was all he could do not to shove himself completely down his lover’s throat, doing his best to content himself with the way Roy was twisting his mouth around the head, tongue delving into the slit. He lowered his mouth ever so slowly down the entirety of his cock and Ed thought he might cry. It was warm and fast and oh damn it was good, but he wanted more, closer, deeper, something.

“I…I don’t…want to finish….not… this way,” he managed to pant out as Roy was all lips and tongue and just barely teeth against his length, drawing mewls of pleasure and he trembled, trying to hang on to some manner of control.

He pulled his mouth away, but didn’t abandon Ed completely, contenting himself to kiss and nibble at the inside of the young man’s thigh. He was so distracted, he didn’t even notice Roy pull the lube from a bedside drawer, drizzling a bit over his fingers before tracing along the cleft on the smaller man’s ass.

“Please,” Ed begged, not really aware of what he was saying, but wanting anyway. He pressed against Roy’s hand, seeking to feel more. His companion was happy to oblige, simultaneously pressing one finger inside him and swallowing his entire length. The sensation alone was nearly enough to bring Ed to completion.

As Roy sucked harder, Ed moaned, rocking his hips seeking more, deeper, now. The movement forced the digit further inside him, soon accompanied by a second. Mustang curved his fingers, searching for just a second before finding that spot. Ed opened his mouth in a silent scream and Roy pressed his thumb against the base of his companion’s cock, trying to hold back the floodgates. Lips parted in audible disappointment, but it was quickly forgotten as the dark haired man pumped his fingers in and out of Ed.

He whined just a little as the digits slid out of him, sorry for the loss, though he knew what was coming. When Roy’s length took their place, Ed couldn’t help but press harder, forcing his lover inside in one quick movement.

“Ohhh, Ed,” any other time, golden eyes would have been sparkling with mischief and glee at garnering that reaction from the usually oh so composed Roy Mustang, but he felt too damn good to care right now, concentrating instead on the feel of Roy’s length invading him with heat, and oh fuck, when he moved it felt so good, and there was nothing but here and now and this.

Roy pulled almost completely out of Edward, leaning forward to capture his lips in a bruising kiss. Mouths moved urgently against each other as Roy drove into him, abandoning all coherency in favor of unadulterated lust.

The two spiraled towards ecstasy, lost in murmurs of the other’s name, soft moans and burning skin, as close as two people could get. Roy’s hand found Ed’s length, pumping once, twice, and that was enough. Ed shuddered, muscled tensing and tightening, cum coating his stomach and chest as well as Roy’s hand.

Thoughtlessly, he brought Roy’s messy fingers to his lips, licking the substance from them. The visual aid, Ed’s muscles spasming around his length, it drove him nearly to madness and he came with a low cry, whispering Ed’s name and sweet nothings against the young man’s jaw as he spilled himself completely inside the younger man.

The pair were both still panting, exhausted completely as Roy pulled out of Ed’s body, pulling him into a tender embrace and allowing the sated feeling to take them over.


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  • Take Two

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