Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

Title: When Morning Comes
Rating: PG
Author: inugrlrayn
Pairing: RoyxEd

Author's note: By The Light of the Moon was supposed to be a little fluffy fic all by itself, and that would be the end of it. Apparently my brain did not agree and so this takes place the morning after.

Ed awoke to hair tickling his nose. He opened one sleepy eye and found it flooded with black. When he tilted his neck back, he found the source of this black thing that was assaulting his nose was Roy Mustang, whose hair was an unruly mop, bent on dominating Ed’s face it would seem.

Roy? Why was he…? Then he remembered the night before, sneaking into Mustang’s room, climbing into bed and then getting stuck. Now he was just waiting to be found out.

Maybe it wasn’t too late, he hoped. Roy was still lying there with his eyes closed, so perhaps he was just a very heavy sleeper. Ed squirmed, trying to find the best way off the bed when it hit him. He actually wasn’t going to be getting away. There was an arm curved delicately around his side, hand splayed flat against the small of his back. His shirt had ridden up and it was flush against his bare skin. He found himself involuntarily quivering at the thought. His movement caused Roy’s hand to shift and Ed was sucking in a breath at the way his fingers feathered over his back in such a way he had to fight not to arch his back, right into Roy. He’d have thought the man did it on purpose if he wasn’t obviously still asleep.

He still might have been able to maneuver his way out, except for Roy’s other hand. It was buried quite comfortably in his thick golden hair, and it didn’t really seem like it planned to be moving on any time soon.

Then, Roy’s fingers started doing wonderful things, scratching his head in a rather affectionate fashion. Rather, Ed would have thought it was affectionate if he’d been awake. At it was, Ed leaned into the touch, closing his eyes and biting his lip in an attempt to keep from giving himself away.

Roy opened one eye, holding back a smile at the tiny, appreciative noises Ed was making. That all by itself was enough to make him not really want to stop. Ed was cute like this and after all he’d been through, he deserved little things that actually felt nice. Roy found himself stilling his hand after all, for the sake of not waiting for Ed to catch on.

Ed whined a little at the loss, and Roy found it was suddenly the most difficult thing he’d ever done not to laugh. Instead, he mulled over the best way to let on that he wasn’t actually asleep. It wasn’t that he was particularly bothered by Ed’s presence. Actually, he was quite fond of the younger alchemist. It wasn’t a question of mutual feelings, but Edward was a loaded gun, and this needed to be approached… delicately. There was a delicate balance in the way things were and any reaction Roy might exhibit could change that. Ed needed to be ready when he did or they’d miss any chance that things could work out for them.

And so he’d let Ed make all the moves, watching idly as the younger alchemist toyed with the idea that he might have some interest in Roy, finally firmly admitting to himself at least that he did. Roy had seen the change in his demeanor, from wide eyed horror at the warm feeling he felt when Roy said something nice, to actively seeking it out, doing little things like bringing coffee when he dropped by (which happened more and more frequently because “Roy had such a useful library”) despite the fact that Roy knew it’d come from a coffee shop across town that somehow Ed had deciphered was his favorite.

Nothing came easily with Ed though. That first realization had happened what felt like ages ago, but nothing happened. He never said a word that was purposely suggestive of anything even bordering on affection. He still sat across the living room, though Roy caught him staring at him over his book when he thought the General wasn’t looking.

He knew he shouldn’t be teasing Ed this way. It’d been shameless of him to throw his arm around the younger man last night, but it had kept him near and that was an improvement. He was slowly coming to the conclusion that if he didn’t do something, he would be stuck doing nothing for more time than he had the patience for. Ed was brash and impetuous when he knew what he wanted, but Roy suspected he wasn’t entirely sure of what he wanted from Roy, and so the stalemate resulted.

Truth be told, it was nice, just being close like this. His hair was soft, and Roy restrained the urge to run his fingers through it, definitively letting on his no longer sleeping status. Ed’s back was warm and velvety, and Roy could feel tremors rumble through his compact body as the younger man debated whether or not he could bolt before Roy was awake enough to register what had happened.

Deciding it was now or never, while he still had Ed in his arms, the stillness of the fingers in his golden hair drawing his attention warily back to Roy’s face, the older man opened both eyes at him, smiling faintly.

Ed nearly choked, immediately scrambling away from Roy to the edge of the bed. He was hunched up adorably, scooting backward slowly as if he thought maybe if he could just get off the bed, Roy would forget what he’d just “woken up” to.

“I… well, um,” and Roy had absolutely no idea what was being said because he was completely stunned by just how absolutely radiant Ed looked right now. His hair hung down, spun sunshine softly framing his face and drifting leisurely down his shoulders. He was flushed with nerves or embarrassment, possibly both, and it just wasn’t fair that he was so deliciously cute right now. Roy should be kicking him out of his bed. He should be kicking him out of his house, telling him to set his sights…well… elsewhere. He wasn’t though. He was instead finding himself utterly entranced by a set of golden eyes, wide with fear, and soft lips that were moving with a speed he hadn’t known possible.

Were they soft? Roy’s mind took a detour, mischievously encouraging him to find out. The kiss Ed had planted on him the night before had been to fleeting to tell, it cajoled. His skin was soft, it added. He’d found that out when he’d woken with his fingers splayed along his spine.

“Umm, did you hear me?” Ed’s brows furrowed adorably as he waited for some manner of response. Roy said nothing, one side of his mouth twisting upward, then the other. With a warm smile worming its way over his whole face, Roy moved closer.

Ed shut his eyes, flinching slightly, mistaking Roy’s smile for something entirely different. Instead of… whatever he was expecting, Roy reached out, cupping Ed’s cheek gently in his palm. Amber eyes widened as Roy delicately tipped Ed’s chin up, planting a soft kiss on his lips.

“You… you…,” Ed sputtered, searching. Roy sat back with an eyebrow raised, waiting for Ed to finish. He didn’t though, one gloved hand moving up to dazedly touch his lips.

When nothing else was forthcoming, Roy grasped the younger man’s hands in his, pulling the gloves off a finger at a time. He understood being timid, but wearing gloves to bed was rather ridiculous. He repressed a grin at the way Ed trembled more with each moment of friction between Roy’s fingers pulling on his gloves, and his fingers beneath them.

“You knew,” he accused finally, shivering as his gloves were pulled free and tossed to the side.

“You’re somewhat obvious,” Roy responded mildly. Ed pushed him, blushing hotly as he turned his face away. Roy caught his flesh wrist as he fell back on the sheets, taking the younger man with him. Ed landed with a flop on his chest, and despite the fact that he’d landed a little hard, Roy found the weight of him somewhat comforting.

“You’re not mad?” he almost whimpered in Roy’s ear, and he couldn’t help but smile, wrapping his arms around the younger man.

“Absolutely not,” he soothed, fingers sliding soothingly down Ed’s flesh arm to twine with the younger man’s which were now bare. Ed gasped at the contact for just a moment before bending his fingers firmly amidst Roy’s.

The sun was shining in through the crack in the curtains, but Ed was blocking the light with his own particular brand of radiance. He sighed softly, pillowed comfortably against the older man. All this worry for nothing, and though some part of him balked at all that energy he’d put into fretting that could have been directed somewhere useful if the jerk would have just told him that this was okay, he couldn’t muster any sort of anger at the realization. Last night’s ordeal had actually paid off, and one of Roy’s arms was around him, and if this wasn’t the greatest thing he could think of, he didn’t know what was.

Today was going to be a good day after all.

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  • Take Two

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