Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

Title: Rebuilding
Rating: NC-17
Author: inugrlrayn
Pairing: EdxRoy

Author's Note: Belated Happy Birthday happymediocrity! Enjoy your birthday smut.

This was the limit. He was pushed backwards and couldn’t regain the ground, falling towards nothing. He snapped, but it was pouring and the glove wouldn’t spark. He tried to take a step back, but one boot was sliding in the mud and he tumbled backwards.

There was a hand against his back, breaking his fall and he found his balance once more. Bullets were fired at him, but they ricocheted off steel and he turned to see whisky eyes and golden hair, a smile that had disappeared long ago. It was only there for a moment before Ed’s hand was slipping from his back, clapping against his automail and pressing to the ground, pushing the enemy back with an explosion of debris and light.

“It’s about time!” Roy yelled over the din of battle and Ed gave him his attention just long enough to smile and shrug.

In a time of giving up, it had been enough to renew his faith that they could win. They had to now because he was fairly certain Ed hadn’t seen his brother yet, and after all the time it’d taken him to get home, they couldn’t lose now.


In the end, they were left with a city of ruins, but at least it was still theirs. Roy picked his way through the debris, hoping that what he’d seen earlier was no desperation induced mirage.

He was just about ready to admit insanity when he looked up to find Ed stepping around the worst of the ruin, a little girl on his shoulder. Roy stood back and watched as he reached his destination, lifting her off and handing her to her mother.

“I knew you were alive,” Roy smiled when Ed jumped, turning around to face him.

“I’d be disappointed if you thought any different. Just for the record though, this,” he swept his hand in an all encompassing arc, “is not my fault.”

Ed faced him silently, waiting for…something. Roy wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be saying, only that Ed had grown beautifully into himself, possessing a grace he never had before. It was uncomfortably warm and why did he seem to be the only one noticing?

“You’re staring, Roy,” the General was struck by the way Ed said it, somehow still retaining his innocence after everything. How could he not stare? Ed was beautiful when he was at peace and it appeared that finally the young man had accomplished everything he set out to do.

“It’s just hard to believe you’re home,” it was a half truth after all, and Roy decided that would be enough until he sorted out what was happening. He turned around to walk away after that, and it surprised him somewhat to hear another awkward set of footsteps, uneven over crumbling stone.

“You know, before, I might have believed that,” Roy thought it was an accusation, but there was nothing cold in the smile touching Ed’s lips.

“I’m sure I have no idea what you mean,” Roy began, but Ed had grabbed his hand and was leading him somewhere else. They came to a stop in the shadows of a building yet standing and Roy had barely turned to ask why they were here when there were soft lips crushing his, a metal hand holding them together as warm fingers combed through his dusty hair.

“Wha…” he shook his head, trying to form the question he wanted to ask.

“I’ve wondered what that was like for three years,” Ed was blushing, but he hadn’t pulled away, pink cheeks only inches from Roy’s face. The older man sighed. It wasn’t the way this was supposed to go, but maybe in a way, it was part of why he’d been waiting for Ed to come home.

All thought aside, Ed was looking at him with eyes that said he was walking in uncharted territory and Roy sure as hell either take his hand and go with him or let him turn around. He considered his options, as Ed looked up, still up, at him. If he said no, even if it was just because Ed had taken him utterly by surprise, there would most likely never be another chance. Ed tended towards all or nothing and this was it.

What did he have to lose, anyway? Roy shut his eyes and closed the distance between them, lips brushing against Ed’s mouth. The younger man made a low sound in his throat somewhat like a moan, grasping at Roy’s body and pulling him further into the shadows.

This was most definitely what he’d been waiting for and he felt his body giving in the face of automail fingers whispering down his spine. They were tumbling backwards because Ed was slipping and Roy couldn’t hold them both up like this. They hit the ground with a sound thud and Ed’s laughter was rhapsodic and Roy’s resolve that they shouldn’t be rushing this melted away almost before he’d realized it was there.

Why shouldn’t they, anyway? Ed was an adult and who was he to try and decide what was best for him? Besides, hadn’t they done enough waiting when Ed had a stone to look for and he had a position to procure? How often had he thought about this, only to refuse the thought for both their sakes because their lives had no room for genuine affection.

Now those days had passed. He had his position and Ed had his brother back, probably on his way to Central that very moment. They had a city to rebuild, but Ed was a genius and Roy was sure he’d find a way to simplify matters. For now, couldn’t they just enjoy the freedom to care for one another and explore how deep their feelings ran?

“Three years, huh? You’ve only been gone for two,” Roy grinned down at Ed, who was blinking in surprise.

“There’s no way you could have possibly missed it,” Ed replied, pressing his lips to Roy’s jaw as his hands pulled off the military jacket and began on his shirt buttons.

Roy wanted to respond, really he did, but Ed’s tongue and teeth were positively sinful against his chest, and all he could wrap his mind around was the fact that Ed was very, very good at this. While Ed was still Ed, he was very different now, comfortable in his own skin and completely overwhelming. Roy settled for submitting to the tidal wave that was Edward Elric, lips and fingers etching a symphony into his skin.

Ed smiled at the way Roy shivered under his hands and decided maybe it was a good thing that this hadn’t happened before because now he understood more than innocent attraction. Now, he understood passion and Roy was burning hot beneath his fingers, panting desperately as Ed acquainted himself with the man’s body.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. It was supposed to be sweet and tender, a warm ending to a sad story. There should have been satin and roses, or at the very least a mattress beneath them. He wasn’t sure why he was surprised that Ed had brought things about in a different fashion. After all, Ed was nothing if not unusual. He decided he really didn’t give a damn how this had happened after all because Ed was lapping at his length and he found it didn’t matter too much how he’d ended up with his bare spine scraping against concrete because Ed was doing that and everything else was just on hold for now.

He might have been concerned at the ways Ed’s demeanor shifted, worried that the young man he decidedly loved had gone mad, but though there was violence in his touches, desperation that said he thought this moment might never come again, as he released Roy’s length from his mouth, moving to kiss the man once more, only tenderness remained.

Roy was panting and ached for release, painfully close when Ed had decided he was done with that particular torment. He was dropping soft kisses on Roy’s face, a funny contradiction to the ruins around them, and while it was warm and soothing, it was not satisfying. He sighed in frustration, wondering if Ed had chickened out somewhere along the way.

A flash of light off to the side caught his eye, and he was turning to see what it was before he realized it, but then soft, human fingers were trailing up the inside of his thigh and his breath caught in his throat. He was sure he didn’t want to know what Ed had transmuted into the slick substance on his fingers, but since when had they decided it was going to fall out like this, anyway?

He wanted to argue, but Ed was a force to be reckoned with, stormy seas that washed over him in waves and thunder. Despite it all, he was gentle, and Roy found himself relaxing under knowing hands that he’d never expected to be like this.

“Is this okay?” Ed was whispering in his ear and he barely heard it over the clamor of the crowds in the distance. He nodded, swallowing thickly because how could he say no now?

Ed’s fingers were gone, and something thicker was sliding into him. He forced himself to relax, expecting it to hurt, but it would seem that Ed actually knew what he was doing and it didn’t hurt at all. It just felt odd.

Then Ed was moving, pressing his lips tenderly to Roy’s temple and it didn’t feel odd anymore. He trembled at the sensation as Ed slid in and out and how on earth did this feel so good, anyway? He was surrounded by Ed, reveling in the feel of his bare skin and the cool edges of his automail port, the steady weight of his body. His hair fell in a golden veil around them and Roy could taste metal and sweat on his skin. It was nothing like he’d imagined and everything he needed and he was nearly screaming against Ed’s shoulder as a hand slipped between them, tossing him over the edge. Everything was spinning and Ed murmured his name, pulled along for the ride.

The two of them lay on the ground for a long time, panting and gasping for breath. Then, Ed kissed his cheek was laughing again and he couldn’t help but laugh with him because this was the most preposterous thing they’d ever done, but it had been together. The world was broken, crumbling and faded all around them, but they’d rebuild it with their own hands, just as they were rebuilding each other.

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