Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

All Our Broken Pieces

Title: All Our Broken Pieces
Fandom: FMA
Pairing RoyxEd
Author: inugrlrayn
Prompt: kink_bingo Amputee Fetish
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: This is the first of two interlocking pieces. The next one won't be RoyxEd though. I figured since this whole Kink Bingo thing already has me out on a limb, I'd try more new things, so we'll see how it all turns out.

“Okay, I know I need new automail, but was it really necessary for her to leave me like this?” Ed grumbled from where he lay in an upstairs bedroom.

“Maybe she’s worried you’ll disappear for another five years,” Roy smirked, and Ed might have thrown a pillow at him, but he only had one arm, and he was currently laying on said pillow. With an exaggerated sigh, Ed tilted his head back, shutting his eyes in an attempt to sleep.

He hardly noticed the way the mattress dipped beside him, but he couldn’t ignore the fingers that ghosted over his bare stomach, making the muscled tremble with every fleeting touch. He cracked an eye suspiciously at Roy, debating a response. With a mental shrug, he began to reach up to pull Roy’s mouth to his. Then, he remembered.

“Hey, I’m only half here right now,” he bristled. “Rain check?”

“That just means you can’t get away,” Roy practically purred in his ear. Ed’s eyes widened, wondering if he should be worried for his own helplessness.

“Don’t you even,” he muttered, but Roy’s lips smothered the words, a warm, wet tongue seeking out the depths of his mouth. Ed tried to resist, honestly, but Roy played dirty, and when he’d taken out Ed’s braid, running fingers tenderly through it, the younger man’s body was practically putty beneath his.

“Not fair,” Ed grumbled halfheartedly.

“You know,” Roy whispered, grasping Ed’s human hand in a fist inside his own.

“I could do anything, and you wouldn’t even be able to transmute,” there was that purr again, a deep rumble through his chest that echoed over Ed’s body, drawing him like a moth to flame.

“L…like what?” Ed’s eyes were tequila colored saucers, his body strung tight with nerves and want.

“Oh, I don’t know, Ed,” Roy’s breath tickled his ear and he wanted to swat the man away, but his only hand at the moment was still entangled in the older man’s. He thought briefly about kicking Roy off of him before he realized that even if he succeeded, he wasn’t going to be going anywhere.

“Get off,” he growled, not at all sure if he really meant it.

“That is the idea,” the older man responded, nipping at Ed’s jaw.

“I mean it,” Ed mumbled, not sounding like he meant it at all.

“That’s different,” Roy mused at him, “You never say no.”

“You never try to fuck me without my automail, either.”

“No crime in a little adventure. Can I really help it if having you at my every whim is a little bit too irresistible?” Roy’s lips descended down the hollow of Ed’s neck, teeth and tongue burning wetly across his color bones. Ed wondered for a minute why he was fighting this when it felt so nice… to just let Roy be in total control.

That. That was it. He was not just going to lay back and submit and let Roy take advantage of his mostly helpless state. He tried to tune out the way Roy’s mouth felt, but the man drew the fight from him with a well placed tongue swirling around his nipple.

“Ahhh,” Ed squeaked, body trembling slightly. It was terribly unfair that Roy still remembered all his weak spots after five years apart. Then again, that seemed to be one of the things Roy was best at.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Edward,” Roy promised, lips moving in words instead of kisses against his now heaving chest.

“What is wrong with you, anyway? I can’t even give as good as I get like this,” Ed gazed down at the black hair ruffled against his chest.

“Then you won’t be distracted trying to return the favor,” Ed could feel Roy’s smirk against him, and suppressed the urge to pull his hand away long enough to smack the man’s head with it.

Instead, he said nothing, shutting his eyes as Roy worshipped him with his lips. He shuddered as a soft, wet tongue traced the scars along his automail port. He wanted to tell Roy to stop, because personally, he found them rather repulsive, but what could he really do at the moment? So, he allowed it, vaguely feeling Roy’s fingers press lovingly over his steel shoulder. It wasn’t like skin where he could feel every touch, but he knew the pressure of hands on metal, and forced himself not to look to see what Roy was up to.

That though, he could feel. Ed squirmed as Roy toyed with the connecting wires in the port. It didn’t hurt, but it made his body tingle as the older man sent signals that had nowhere to go. He wanted to tell him to stop, but said nothing, allowing himself to drown in sensation.

Abruptly, Roy’s fingers were gone from the port in favor of slipping down his sides, artfully avoiding the worst of his ticklish spots. Practiced fingers hooked around the waistband of his boxers, pulling them off in one motion.

“Hate you,” Ed muttered lazily, but Roy only grinned.

“You weren’t saying that a minute ago. If it’s really that bad for you, being totally helpless, you never know… you might have time to transmute with that one hand of yours before I notice.

Ed frowned, looking Roy over. The man was panting slightly, as if lingering over Ed’s body had done as much for him as it had for the younger man. It left Ed wondering how he could possibly want him when he wasn’t even put together? There was no denying, though, that Roy’s body was begging for release, straining noticeably even through his pants.

“Take them off,” Ed made a vague motion with his one hand, gesturing to Roy’s clothes.

“I’m not sure you’re really in a position to be making demands,” Roy smirked, but he was already reaching for the buttons on his shirt. It was painfully slow, and Ed really wanted to get up and help, though his lack of limbs made it fairly impossible. Instead, he was forced to wait, watching hungrily as Roy’s flesh was exposed inch by inch, knowing there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it currently.

Finally, finally Roy seemed to be done teasing, at least in that respect. He crept, naked, back onto the mattress, stopping at the foot of it to lay a soft kiss at Ed’s ankle.

Ed really wanted to ask what he was doing, but then there were lips brushing up his leg, and though it was certainly different, he couldn’t deny it felt good. He shut his eyes, willing himself to just feel as Roy’s mouth moved closer to the places he really wanted it to be.

Roy nibbled tenderly at the sensitive skin on the insides of his thigh, drawing shaky moans from the young man beneath him. His breath ghosted hotly over Ed’s length, there and then gone as he lapped at the inside of Ed’s other leg, the one that ended abruptly in a steel port.

Ed arched off the bed as Roy’s tongue played with the connectors on the port. It was different, somehow, from his shoulder, perhaps because it was closer to the places he generally associated with this sort of pleasure. He thought he might cum, just like that, but then Roy’s mouth was gone, and he couldn’t suppress a disappointed moan that bubbled from his lips.

Ed opened his eyes once more to stare at Roy, irritated at the smirk directed at him.

“What?” he asked warily.

“I was just thinking, you couldn’t even stop me if I wanted to do this,” Ed didn’t have time to ask what this was because Roy was swallowing him whole, his hips pinned to the mattress as Roy’s tongue pressed firmly against the underside of his length, sucking desperately, like drawing venom from a bite.

“Since when would I stop you from doing that,” Ed managed, when the urgency finally vanished, and Roy was lapping lazily at him, eyes shining with, something like mischief.

“Oh, no, Ed, not that,” his lips curved up in a wicked smile.

“Then, wha…” Ed’s mind drew a blank as Roy’s tongue slipped down, lower, twisting in wet, vicious circles around his entrance. He should be pushing him away, he thought, but even if he’d had the presence of mind to do so, he didn’t have the leg power for it.

“Oh god, stop…” Ed trailed off.

“Make me,” Roy challenged, playfully nipping at Ed’s thigh.

“Never kissing you again,” he mumbled instead. There was a chuckle tumbling off Roy’s lips, but he didn’t stop, and Ed gasped as his tongue slid in. Something this disgusting had no business feeling so damn good, was as far as his lust-addled brain managed.

Then Roy’s mouth was gone, and a slicked finger was sliding into him. He thought vaguely about kissing Roy out of habit, because somehow he always had the most deliciously distracting kisses and this was really the most unpleasant part of everything, but then he remembered what Roy’s mouth had been doing a minute ago and decided he’d just grin and bear it. It’d be worth it in the end, anyway.

Ed was just about to grumble at Roy to hurry up and get on with it, but the look on Roy’s face, totally entranced at his relative helplessness, coupled with the fact that one of his fingers bent inside him, causing Ed to arch up in pleasure was enough to silence his complaints. He guessed if the older man really, honestly enjoyed this, he could deal at least once.

Finally, finally, Roy pulled his fingers away, kneeling between Ed’s thighs and pressing a soft kiss to his forehead as he pushed in. Ed’s body gave way and his lips trembled with need as the older man’s fingers caressed the port of his shoulder, barely skimming the flesh it was attached to.

Roy slid achingly slowly, in and out, in a rhythm Ed couldn’t quite find. He wanted to wrap his legs around the other man, move with him, but the lack of automail prevented it, left Roy utterly in control of the pace. He was left panting and murmuring, begging for release.

“Please, Roy,” golden eyes smoldered with want, a fire burning within him that he couldn’t douse. Roy only smiled, shifting his hips deeper, a soft hand brushing between them. Ed shut his eyes, sparks flashing in the dark behind them. He felt completely unstrung, any control he had falling by the wayside as Roy murmured his release against Ed’s throat, collapsing on top of him.

“Told you I wouldn’t hurt you,” Roy smiled against Ed’s still flushed kiss. Ed shivered at the not so distant memory, willing away the spark of desire it fanned.

“Still not kissing you.” He grumbled instead, shutting his eyes to sleep until he got his automail back and could have his revenge.

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  • Take Two

    Title: Take Two Author: 
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