Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

Red Satin

Title: Red Satin
Fandom: FMA
Pairing RoyxEd
Author: inugrlrayn
Prompt: kink_bingo Crossdressing (outerwear)
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: The slight bit of humor in this piece is totally the fault of my wife, hieronymousb.

It started the way many ridiculous things boys to tend to start, with a bet. Halloween had prompted animated conversation in the mess hall in regards to what people were planning to wear to Central’s festival.

Ed had mostly tuned out the ruckus until someone asked him what he had up his sleeve, a question he honestly had no answer for, considering he hadn’t even been planning to go. One thing led to another, as these things often do, and somehow, in the whole mess of arguments and dares, someone had made the mistake of telling Ed that he’d make a pretty girl. There was some yelling and a soldier with a bloody nose as a result, but somehow the idea had stuck.

So here he was, sitting off in the corner, the very picture of femininity. A pushup bra and some creative alchemy gave him a fairly believable bust, draped in, or rather hanging out of a slinky red satin dress. That’s what he got, he supposed, for letting the secretary at Central’s front desk doll him up, Ed thought as he worried the slit revealing his human leg, halfway up to his thigh. He shook his head silently, watching with mild interest as gold ringlets of hair tumbled in his face. Why oh why had he let his temper get the best of him this badly?

“Would you care to dance?” a white gloved hand reached out, beckoning towards Ed. He looked up in mild surprise to see a blue uniform and pale skin, dark eyes staring rather flirtatiously at him.

“Umm, I’m fine thanks,” Ed managed to stammer out. The last thing he needed was for Roy to figure out who he was. He’d never hear the end of it then.

“Come now. It’d be a shame to hide something so beautiful off in the shadows,” Ed felt himself blushing, and grappled for an excuse as to why he couldn’t get up.

“I… don’t dance,” he responded lamely.

“Surely swaying to the music isn’t beyond your talents,” Roy coaxed, gathering Ed up out of the chair, seeming completely oblivious to Ed’s identity. That, though, bothered Ed when he stopped to think about it, and he wasn’t sure if he was more irritated that Roy didn’t recognize his own lover, or that he was hitting on someone who “wasn’t” his lover.

Biting his tongue for once, Ed followed Roy silently out in the open, near where the band played. He found himself whisked into the man’s arms with grace he’d always envied just a little bit. Roy’s hands slid over his exposed back, making Ed shiver before they came to rest at the base of his spine, just about where the dress fabric began once more. With a heavy sigh, he allowed his arms to be guided around Roy’s neck, a little bit grateful for the ridiculously high heels he was wearing. At least tonight no one would make fun of his height.

Ed did his best to say nothing, afraid he’d give himself away. Instead he rested a head of curly blonde hair against Roy’s shoulder, allowing himself to be guided across the dance floor. Roy’s fingers drew familiar circles across the small of his back, eliciting shivers he could not contain.

“So, may I ask your name?”

“A little late for that, don’t you think?” Ed batted his eyelashes, smiling up (still up, even with the damn heels!) at Roy.

Roy didn’t say anything, leaning down to capture Ed’s lips against his own, soft and easily mistaken for chaste, if you didn’t know Roy Mustang as intimately as Ed did. The younger man was torn between the desire to kiss him back, and anger that he was kissing someone who he couldn’t possibly know was Ed.

He settled on kissing Roy after all, deciding he’d wait and see how far his lover would take this, let him dig his own grave. He let his eyes slide shut, drowning in sensation as Roy’s fingers dipped just beneath the back of his dress, teasing and barely there. Roy’s tongue plundered his mouth, one hand sliding back up Ed’s spine to bury itself in his hair.

“Is this really appropriate behavior,” Ed panted when Roy released his lips, “in public?”

“I’m sure we could find somewhere a little less public if it bothers you,” Roy whispered against his hear, tongue caressing the shell of it until he nearly moaned in anticipation. Ed convinced himself that he was playing along to try and catch Roy at his own game, and not because there were teeth worrying at his neck and not because his skin was burning under Roy’s fingers.

Ed found himself being guided farther and farther from the crowd. They left the sound of concrete underfoot behind them, and Ed hardly noticed the soft rustle of grass beneath his shoes until it was reaching up and ticking the sides of his human foot. He ignored it in favor of drinking in the way Roy’s lips lingered over his, warm fingers nudging him out of his own mind. He was vaguely aware that they’d moved into the shadows of a grove of trees, but it didn’t really matter at the moment. What mattered was hot breath against his neck, making him shiver down to the core. What mattered was short nails that dug deliciously into his hips through the dress.

Ed moaned instead, only his deep set anger keeping him from giving in and begging Roy to just fuck him senseless already. Lust and hurt got into a bit of a fistfight, and though in the end, hurt won out, lust wasn’t giving up yet. He found himself panting as Roy’s lips trailed down his neck and dangerously close to the part where clothes tended to start falling off.

“So, what are you supposed to be dressed as?” Ed asked, trying desperately to change the subject, regain some small measure of control.

“Couldn’t you tell? I’m supposed to be Fuhrer Mustang,” Roy purred in Ed’s ear. At least his mouth was back up near Ed’s, which meant that his dress would be staying on for the moment.

“I could be wrong,” Ed gasped between heated, plundering kisses, “but I’m pretty sure you are already the Fuhrer.”

“Exactly. Isn’t Halloween for dressing up as something you’d like to be?” Roy’s voice was silky and Ed couldn’t keep from trembling, unable to stop a pleasured murmur at the way Roy’s hands slid up his arms over opera length gloves, settling at the dress straps atop his shoulders.

“Not necessarily. It’s also a time for losing bets and dressing up as the most ridiculous things ever,” Ed whined absently, tilting his head back to accept Roy’s lips against his throat.

“But you make such a sexy woman, Edward,” Roy smiled, dark and alluring, face brightening in amusement as he watched Ed process what he’d said. The younger man wasn’t sure whether he was more surprised that Roy had known it was him after all, which all in all, was a good thing since it meant Ed didn’t have to deck him and get all angry that he was messing around, or whether he should be reacting to Roy’s words about his current state of dress. Finally, he found the words.

“Y…you knew?” he asked, rather incredulously. Roy raised an eyebrow at him.

“Of course I knew. Do you honestly think so little of me that I wouldn’t recognize you? That I’d be doing this” he punctuated the word with a kiss full of want, “with anyone else, but you?”

“I…” Ed started, but never got the chance to finish. His back arched against Roy as the man slid one hand down his spine, the other creeping up the slit in the ruby, satin dress. Ed squirmed a bit, trying to reach for the zipper, what little of it existed at the base of his spine, but Roy made a disapproving noise.

“Leave it, Ed. I like you like this,” he whispered.

“Pervert,” Ed muttered, shutting his eyes and reveling in the way Roy’s cologne stuck pleasantly in his nose, and the way Roy’s hair brushed his face as the older man chuckled against his throat.

“Not funny,” but there was no venom in Ed’s words, punctuated by a soft, pleasured gasp as one of Roy’s hands slid beneath the slit of his dress, caressing him through the underwear beneath.

“Fuck,” Ed grated out, wishing he could muster some sort of irritated response when Roy just grinned at him.

“Not against a tree, Edward. I’m sure that wouldn’t be terribly comfortable,” Roy was pulling him away from the tree trunk, guiding them both to the ground. The grass tickled his bare back, but it didn’t matter because Roy was kissing him with warm, wet kisses, and his hand was wrapped around Ed’s length, stroking just enough that Ed could neither relax or cum. It was maddening and he arched against Roy.

Then the older man was sliding his other hand between Ed’s thighs. The habit was ingrained and Ed spread his legs a little more, breath hitching the way it always did as Roy slipped a finger inside of him. It was more habit then necessity, but he bit his lip, trying to keep silent as a second and third digit slid into him. Ed drew in a shaky breath, sure he wasn’t going to be able to control himself until Roy got around to the main event.

Roy seemed to have the same suspicion and Ed whined at the loss as the older man pulled his hands away. He smiled down at Ed though, kissing his forehead as he unbuckled his pants, sliding them down enough to press into the younger man.

The two were a mess of blue wool and red satin, soft moans and breath they couldn’t catch. Ed wrapped his legs around Roy’s hips, murmuring encouragement as Roy thrust hard and fast and the grass tore under his gloved fingers, a little more every time his lover hit just the right spot. Roy was palming his length again, and it was all over. He shuddered his release, muscles strung tight as if they might snap. He felt Roy tense, unable to withstand the feel of Ed’s climax and he was hissing Ed’s name before he dropped, boneless, beside the younger man.

“Oh my…” Ed panted when he’d caught his breath enough to speak.

“We should do this more often,” Roy smirked.

“Pervert,” Ed muttered, but if it was going to be like this every time, he decided maybe he didn’t mind so much.

“We should get back,” Roy was pulling himself to his feet, buttoning his pants.

“Just one thing, Roy,” Ed grinned, and Roy turned to look at him just in time to see his hands press to the grass, a flash of light enveloping them.

Ed looked very pleased with himself, dragging an exotic looking, dark haired woman in a blue dress back to the party.

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  • Take Two

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