Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,


Title: Resolutions
Fandom: FMA
Pairing RoyxEd
Author: inugrlrayn
Prompt: 100moods #92 Surprised
Rating: PG-13 maybe if you squint

“So Havoc,” Roy entwined his fingers together, resting his chin atop them, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?”

Havoc snorted, “To find a girlfriend who doesn’t ditch me for you.”

There were snickers from the others in the office, but they quickly quieted when Havoc responded in kind.

“To be Fuhrer, of course,” Roy drawled.

“It doesn’t count as a New Year’s resolution if it’s something you’ve already done, you moron,” Ed muttered, stomping into the office to drop something off.

“How about you, Ed? What’s left on your agenda now that Al’s got his body back? To find a way to use alchemy and grow a few inches?” Roy smirked, waiting for some manner of explosion.

Surprisingly, Ed did not produce the much awaited explosion. Instead, he stared at Roy for just a second, cheeks growing redder by the second.

“It’s none of your business,” he finally grated out.

“Easy, boss,” Havoc chided merrily, “It’s not like anyone actually goes through with these things anyway.”

The conversation was quickly forgotten as Ed huffed, dropping some papers on the Fuhrer’s desk and excusing himself, in a quieter fashion than usual.

“Do you think his resolution was to stop spazzing at everything?” Roy asked with a grin after the younger man had left.


Roy shut his eyes in contentment, breathing in steam from the coffee in his hands, the only sound in the house, a record playing in another room, soft music whispering through the air.

It was a strange thing, being alone for New Year’s. Normally, there’d be a drink in his hand and a girl on his arm by now, but it all seemed rather old and hollow now, and he contented himself with a night of seclusion.

The melody was interrupted by a sharp rapping at the door, and Roy realized he’d been foolish to believe he’d get to spend New Year’s Eve in peace and quiet.

“Ed?” Roy raised an eyebrow at the young man in front of him, bottle of champagne in hand.

“Last I checked,” Ed quipped.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be out with your brother or… something?” Roy asked, opening the door wider all the same to let Ed in.

“Well, Al’s kinda… preoccupied with this girl. I didn’t want to get in the way,” Ed explained.

“So you came here?”

“I thought you could use some company,” Ed flopped down on the couch after handing the champagne over to Roy.

“I was doing fine on my own, thanks,” Roy responded, taking the bottle.

Ed looked around doubtfully, but said nothing. Roy noted that he looked fairly casual, obviously not intending to go anywhere, and for that, he was grateful. He didn’t think he could deal with being dragged out, not tonight.

Roy sat down at the other end of the couch, itching to crack a joke about the fact that despite Ed’s feet being on it, there was still plenty of room for him to sit at the other end. Ed was talking again, though, before he had the chance.

“I was thinking about what you guys were talking about earlier,” he began.

“What were we talking about?” Roy asked in genuine confusion. It wasn’t as if he logged which conversations Ed walked in on away in his brain to reference just for those random times said person came to his house, especially since this was the only time that second part had ever even happened.

“The whole New Year resolution thing,” Ed looked very serious, and that in itself was highly entertaining. Only Ed, after all, could turn a silly tradition into something important enough to be practically scowling over.

“Really,” the word was drawn out, and Roy was grinning around the coffee mug he’d nearly forgotten.

Ed simply nodded, obviously not planning to volunteer whatever conclusion he’d come to.

“So, pray tell, Edward. What is this resolution you’ve made?”

“Who says I made one?” Ed shot back.

“You wouldn’t be talking about it if you hadn’t,” Roy drawled.

Ed hmphed, but didn’t argue the point.

“I’ll tell you in,” he glanced around for a clock, “two hours and twenty seven minutes.”

“You’re really planning to stay here until midnight?” Roy asked.

“Yes,” Ed responded warily.

“Well, that means you won’t get home until tomorrow. That’s practically like staying the night,” he wondered belatedly, what someone had snuck into his coffee… that he had made… to make him flirt with Edward Elric, but oh it was worth it. It was worth every bit of that flustered expression, soft golden eyes going wide, and blinking rapidly, cheeks as red as a tomato.

“That wasn’t what I meant,” Ed finally hollered.

“I’m aware,” Roy responded absently.

“You just said that to…to…” Ed didn’t finish, for the first time actually considering all the possible reasons Roy might have said those particular words. He seemed rather embarrassed about whatever conclusion he came to, but said nothing, very quickly agreeing when Roy offered to play a card game with him.

That kept them rather preoccupied until about twenty minutes before midnight, when suddenly Ed looked at the clock and became very fidgety.

“Is something wrong?” Roy asked.

“No,” Ed answered, far too quickly.

“Are you certain?”

“Of course I’m certain!” Ed paused, “We should go find somewhere to watch the fireworks.”

“You’re in luck,” Roy smiled, “Follow me.”

Ed seemed to freeze for just a second when he realized that meant going upstairs, but in the end, followed all the same. They climbed a second, and third flight of steps, and Roy opened a door at the top, letting them out onto a flat part of the roof.

“This… this is perfect,” Ed practically squealed with glee, “It’s far away from all the stupid crowds, and it should still be close enough to see.”

“How the hell did you manage this, anyway?” Ed turned to glare at Roy.

Roy simply shrugged, “It’s good to be Fuhrer.”

Ed plopped rather unceremoniously onto the roof, staring contentedly at the stars. Roy stood at stared at the way his hair hung at his shoulders, and though it was probably left down to stave off the cold at his neck, it was still pretty in the moonlight. When had having Edward Elric alone on a rooftop to watch the stars and the fireworks become a good idea, anyway?

“You could sit down, you know,” Ed chided… and was that nervousness in his voice.

“I could,” Roy conceded, making no move to do so.

“Okay, you’re making me nervous, already. Would you please just sit down?”

Roy shrugged, taking a seat by the younger man, who busily set himself to pointing out constellations Roy hadn’t heard spoken of since grade school.

“I wouldn’t have thought astrology was your thing.” He commented.

“Astronomy. I’m not telling fortunes, am I? Why does that surprise you, anyway? Stars are science, too,” Ed huffed.

“I was just surprised you knew all the stories that go with them, is all,” Roy said.

“Well… they made good stories to tell Al to pass the time… when we were on trains a lot,” Ed spoke softly, his words almost lost in the air between them. Roy scooted closer, and of course it was only so that he could actually hear what Ed was saying. He wouldn’t dream of just asking Ed to speak up. Ed’s gaze shifted away, and his teeth clicked behind closed lips, like he wanted very badly to say something, but couldn’t force the words out.

“Your brother seems to have taken full advantage of the gift you gave him,” Roy murmured.

“Yeah,” Ed responded absently.

“What about you?”

Ed did not answer, seemingly captivated by the beginnings of the firework display. They watched in silence, listening to the distant sounds of a count down.




“Yes, Edward?”



“About that New Year’s thing.”





“Still want to know what it was?”



“Why not?


Ed didn’t answer, but pressed his lips softly to Roy’s. It was innocent and chaste, and Roy fought the urge to make it something else, to bury his hands in Ed’s hair and kiss him senseless. Instead, he focused on the fleeting touch of chapped lips that really shouldn’t feel so nice, but it was Ed and everything about him seemed to be rather unorthodox.

When the younger man pulled away, he bit his lip, looking utterly terrified over what he’d done.

“Happy New Year,” he offered sheepishly.

“I hardly think kissing me required something as grave and important as a New Year’s resolution,” Roy chuckled, easing the tension between them.

Ed made no move to kiss him again, but a smile ghosted across his face, leaning a cheek in his hand.

“You realize now, I can’t let you leave or I’ll have to kill you,” Roy stated, doing his very best to look serious.

“Why’s that?” Ed asked doubtfully.

“If anyone else found out about this view, I’d never get a night to myself,” Roy whined.

“Good thing I can keep a secret then,” Ed looked very pleased at the way things turned out, and Roy couldn’t resist leaning forward, just once more, to press a soft kiss over Ed’s mouth.

Perhaps it would be prudent to make sure Al had a date for next New Year’s Eve, too.

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  • Take Two

    Title: Take Two Author: 
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