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Safe Harbor

Title: Safe Harbor
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: EdxRan Fan
Author: inugrlrayn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA or it's characters and all that jazz.
Author's note: This is a belated birthday gift for eli_artemisia. I've never actually tried to write this pairing so I'm not sure how it turned out, but enjoy your 1,400 words of shameless smut, dear!

He wondered when angry words turned into kisses in the dark, but supposed was thinking too hard about it. After all, it wasn’t so much that she hated him as she was angry he’d spoken poorly of Ling. She was incredibly devoted to the mooching prince, and he understood devotion.

His hands were on her hips and hers were rested on his shoulders and somewhere along the way, the feel of metal on flesh granted them peace and some small connection. When this was over, he was sure that hostilities would remain, because the chasm between them was not so easily bridged, but for now they could let go of animosity and just be, leaning on each other in the face of adversity.

Her lips spoke an uneasy understanding, in kisses instead of words, that for now they might just feel. His tongue slipped between her lips, learning the edges of her tongue, the roof of her mouth. Her taste was indecipherable, and he didn’t consider it for long really, sighing contentedly as he drank in the press of her body, warm and soft, pinning him lightly to the wall.

Fingers drifted, hers through his hair, his along her spine, pulling her closer, because it wasn’t enough, not nearly enough the ease the pain and guilt and fear that lurked at the edges of their thoughts. His lips traced her jaw and she murmured, eyes slipping shut, allowing him to press against her, guide her backwards step by step.

Her knees hit the bed in the corner of the nondescript hotel room where Ed was staying, and she let herself fall, pulling him with her. Soft and gentle, like nothing else about them was, palms slid along their bodies, over clothes, just seeking nearness. Kisses drifted, along her jaw, down a bared throat. His fingers carded soothingly through her hair, lips whispering along her collarbone.

Ran Fan hmmmed slightly, relaxing beneath flesh and automail hands. Ed couldn’t help the warm smile that flickered over his lips, eyes slipping shut, hands sliding upwards, her shirt catching on his wrists. A moment’s effort and it was gone, leaving bare, heated skin that rose and fell against Ed, pale in the moonlight that shone through the curtains.

Lips on his and Ed sighed as nails dragged down his spine, biting even through the fabric of his shirt. A lazy pull and he raised his arms, leaning back to rest on her hips so that she could remove it. Her hands slid down his arms, cool metal against flesh and it was as much the visual of her palms pressed against his skin as the feel of it that made him murmur, eyes drooping to lustful golden slits.

Fingertips traced the line of his automail port, rubbing against scar tissue, and he shuddered. She was not repulsed like he thought now that she could have been. He hadn’t really had time to consider it before his shirt was gone, but now he was glad she wasn’t. The steel that made up her left arm did not detract from her beauty, and he decided vaguely, in the back of his mind, that in the moonlight, it looked natural, glowing along with her ivory skin and ebony hair.

She sucked in a breath as he rocked against her, leaning forward to grasp at automail fingers, pressing a kiss to a steel wrist. Ran Fan blinked up once, twice, as he dragged his lips down her arm, tilted her head back against the pillows as he shifted down her body.

Her fingers dug into his sides as he mouthed at her neck once more, teeth and tongue and lips making silent promises. He reached behind her, between her spine and the mattress, fumbling for a moment before managing to unhook her bra, and she spared him a tiny, almost amused smile, the least serious he’d ever seen her. Somewhere in the back of his mind, that smile was filed away as something he might want to make an effort to see again someday, when they were done seriously disliking each other.

Her pants came off with a solid tug, and she bit her lip, fingers grasping at his belt. Ed closed his eyes, forehead rested against her shoulder, drinking in the feel of delicate, deadly fingers along his waistline, pausing at the snap of his pants, tugging at a zipper.

It didn’t occur to him to be shy about the whole thing until they were both well and thoroughly naked, legs tangled, lips and tongues learning each others’ mouths. Only then did he blush, pink splashed across his cheeks and down his neck, off colored the silver light that shone in.
Neither said a word, and it was just as well. If they’d spoken, they’d have had to stop and think, and what they needed had no logic. It was warmth and sanctuary, something solid in the tides.

Her skin was like milky satin beneath his skin, and he felt a little guilty as she twitched beneath calloused hands. His touch lightened as he mapped her body, tongue flicking at a nipple until she squirmed, panting and tilting her head back, exposing her throat. His fingers dipped at her navel and she shifted, tilting her hips against his belly, sighing through her nose as his lips began to follow the way his hands had gone, tongue flicking over her skin.

There was something overwhelmingly intimate about the way her hands buried in his hair, dislodging the last of the braiding, and Ed’s eyes rolled back in contentment, open mouth kisses sloppily smothering the hollows of her hips. His hands slid up her thighs, fingers whispering between them, and her fingers tightened in his hair. He scooted back a little further, feet hanging off the end of the bed, covers pressed against his belly, and slid a finger experimentally in, dipping his head to press his tongue between her legs.

She pulled frantically on his hair, and they both gasped. Ed slid in deeper, tongue swiping at her in earnest, and a litany of murmurs and words without meaning spilled from Ran Fan’s lips. Ed opened his eyes, watching the disjointed rise and fall of her chest, stomach, hips, tilted and pressed against his mouth.

She muttered something as he flicked his wrist faster, tongue following his fingers, but it was lost in the hammer of his own heart, thundering in his ears. He squirmed against the blankets, a long, drawn out moan vibrating his lips against her clit and she pulled taut, like a bow string yanked to its limit. A rush of air bled from her mouth, and she sank into the mattress.

Ed blinked, wide eyed at the placid figure beneath him as he moved, palms sliding over hot, sweat damp skin. It was too much, and he buried his face in the crook of her neck, rocking his hips into her in one smooth movement. A small gasp, and then she was moving in earnest, eyes flashing dark and lustful in the shadows. She pushed at Ed and he was tumbling over, struggling for air as she moved, moved above him, her hips grinding in broken rhythm.

Ed stammered curses with every rise and fall of her hips, licked his lips and fought for control of his body each time she impaled herself on him. In the end, he could not, and he was falling, starbursts exploding behind closed eyelids, a muffled groan seeping from his throat. Her body tightened around him, and he could feel the pulse inside her, tight and loosening and tight again, dragging him along.

She withdrew her hips, fell in an exhausted heap beside him, and they were too tired to care that they were not generally fond of each other, that they didn’t actually like this proximity.

Covers were yanked up, and legs tangled as they lay, cradled in a nest of blankets and pillows, a brief moment of comity. She would be gone before he woke, and the tenderness would evaporate once more. Just this once she let him run fingers through her hair, because she knew he would not in the light of day. Just once he let her wrap her arms around his chest, press close, because just for tonight, they could be a harbor in the storm.
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