Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote,

Seeing Double

Title: Seeing Double
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: RoyxEdxAlter!Roy
Author: inugrlrayn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA or it's characters and all that jazz.
Summary: Not actually part of the story line of Song of the Broken Hearted, but I got a lot of threesome requests, so ummm, here, have some shameless porn.

All Chapters Here

It was a dream. It had to be a dream, because there was really no logical reason for this. In fact, just the Roy he was currently dating being this… forward was enough to tip him off.

The fact that he was lucky enough to be dreaming this, he must have done something awfully good, and Ed decided that whatever it was, he was just going to enjoy it instead of asking questions.

There were lips on his, and when they released him to catch a breath, there were two soft, remarkably innocent eyes staring back at him. That had to mean the weight pressed against his back, roughly gloved fingers sliding under his shirt and up his belly were…

Even in his dreams, his brain was ready to short circuit. Teeth sank into his shoulder, even as his lips were captured once more, and he was being devoured from both sides. The Roy who hadn’t dragged him into the military and all over Amestris was nibbling at his throat, fingers threading through loose, golden hair. Distantly familiar white shrouded fingers tugged free the buttons on his shirt, slipping delicately along the fabric before pulling it from his shoulders to drop to the floor.

Ed felt his head being guided, his lips pulled to the first mouth he’d ever kissed. The General teased Ed’s lips apart with his tongue, drawing it along the walls of his mouth and flicking against Ed’s own tongue in ways that made him unsure how much longer he could keep standing.

As if playing to his thoughts, one of them sent him tumbling back on a bed he hadn’t even been aware of, and he was pinned down, his arms out as if stung along an invisible cross. The Roy he’d left in Amestris was perched at the edge of the mattress, pulling his human hand from the sheets. His middle finger was pressed to all too familiar lips, slowly, so very slowly pulled inside, lightly scraped over with teeth, and pressed against with a damp heat. The feeling alone sent him reeling, and the sight was too much. He turned away, but the other Roy was on top of him, sitting squarely on his hips, fingers dragging over automail. He couldn’t feel the way kisses were being pressed to a metal palm, but he could see it, couldn’t look away, and it took him a long moment, and two mischievous smiles that were infuriatingly identical to realize he was moaning in pleasure just at that.

“And here you act like I’m weird for admiring your automail,” the younger Roy whispered, breath languid against his skin. Teeth scraped against the shell of his ear, and the other Roy had picked just that moment to pull one of Ed’s fingers entirely into his mouth, and Ed arched off the bed.

The General’s mouth was working over his wrist now, meandering down his arm with a lazy sort of sensuality that twisted Ed in knots. He didn’t really get the chance to appreciate it, though, because the Roy he currently called his was pressing wet, open mouthed kisses to his collar bone and over his chest, flicking his tongue against a pert nipple until Ed was choking on his own breath.

Fingertips skittered down his sides, and his Roy along with them, tongue pausing to tease his skin here and there, dipping into his belly button as his pants and boxers were removed. He wanted to ask why he was the only one naked, but his thoughts were swallowed by a deep, demanding kiss, and he vaguely heard the hushed rustle of fabric being discarded. The other Roy (because the Roy who’d taken his virginity really was the other Roy now), released his mouth, but he didn’t really have a chance to notice, because his Roy was nibbling at the insides of his thighs, fingers tormenting, sliding across burning skin, so very close, but not touching quite where he wanted them.

The other Roy returned, and he was nudged into sitting up, a naked body shifting to sit behind him. Familiar arms wrapped around his body, and Roy’s cock was pressed enticingly against his back side. He felt his hair pushed aside, and there were teeth grazing his neck again, and hands sans gloves sliding over his chest and belly.

It was positively sinful, and he tipped his head back in a pleading sort of bliss as one set of lips pressed tightly over the head of his cock, and another mouthed at his ear. There were palms pressed to the tops of his thighs, and another set sliding down along the curve of his butt, pressing and teasing until he was inches away from begging.

Smooth and slick, and it was a dream so of course he didn’t need this, but it felt incredible. Two fingers slipped inside him, and he had to shut his eyes, because he couldn’t watch Roy devouring his length while the other was moving his fingers in and out in a tormenting, slow rhythm. He was already at his wits’ end without the visual to tip him over the edge.

His Roy lapped lazily at his cock, tongue twisting around the head before making it’s way back down. Roy’s hair tickled Ed’s skin as his head bobbed nearly in time to the fingers still pressing and stroking inside of him.

No, no, he couldn’t let it finish this way, not when they were both so tantalizingly close. With great effort, Ed nudged Roy’s lips from his cock, shifting from the other’s Roy’s lap, and biting back a disappointed moan as he found himself empty.

His Roy was beneath him, now, though, with bright, needing eyes, biting his own bottom lip and just waiting for Ed to do something. Ed grinned, dipping his head down to kiss and nuzzle at Roy’s neck, sighing against pale, warm skin as the other Roy moved over him, pressing wet kisses down his spine.

Ed slid the automail the man below him seemed so fond of down Roy's chest, watching the shiver it induced with a smug sort of satisfaction. He dragged his mouth over a pale collarbone, and felt the rumble of a needy purr in Roy’s chest vibrate against his lips.

Ed grasped at the hollows of Roy’s hips, drinking in the way his lover arched against him, pushing him back into the other Roy, whose fingers danced along his spine as if his vertebrae were harp strings.

A touch of his hand and his Roy was sighing, head tilted back against the pillows, thighs slipping further apart. Ed bit his lip to stifle a cry as he rocked forward, buried completely in one smooth motion.

Fingers combed through his hair as he pulled out, pushed back in again. He was surrounded by heat that flowed through his veins, beckoning him harder faster deeper, and he could only shake his head, warding off the inevitable.

Another thrust and Roy was murmuring unintelligibly into the pillows, growling some sort of incoherent encouragement against the junction of Ed’s shoulder and neck. Teeth sank in and Ed cried out because it was on both sides of his neck, and the other Roy had settled along his back, shifting forward.

Forward and he was buried deep, and being begged for more with unpracticed kisses. Back, and he was impaled to the accompaniment of Roy’s lips all over his shoulders. It was hard to tell where he ended and they began, and he let his eyes slide shut to just feel.

Ed reached his automail fingers between the younger Roy and himself, gently grasping his length. It didn’t take much, a couple whispering strokes of fingers, before dark eyes flew wide open, and Ed was swallowing curses along with lips and tongue. Roy’s body shook and drew tight, pulsing around Ed until that and the relentless thrusting from the other Roy forced him over the edge.

There were wet sobbing sounds, and he only distantly recognized them as his own, and he was falling, shattered to pieces and pulled back together in an instant. The General was murmuring Ed’s name in his ear, rocking forward one last time before following over the edge, buried deep inside him.

The pulled apart, and lips found his, he wasn’t sure whose, maybe both. His eyes slid the rest of the way shut and he was held between two bodies, two sets of arms wrapped tenderly around him. For the first time, Ed really regretted knowing it was only a dream.

Ed gasped for air, sitting up in the darkness, and praying he hadn’t woken Al. A quick listen determined that the house was shrouded in silence, the only noise the heaving of his own breath, still catching. He wiped the sweat from his brow, and tried to snuggle back down into the covers, ignoring the distant, sorrowful pang in his chest, but there would be no sleep right now. At least not until he dragged himself from bed for a change of boxers.

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